Top 7 Best Looking NEW Indie Game Trailers for June 2019

ps4 games trailers

Top 7 best looking new indie game trailers for June 2019 across PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox One platforms.

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7: Voyage:
6: With You:
5: Hell is other Demons:
4: Road to Guangdong:
3: Shadowland:
2: Photographs:
1: 198X:
Game Featured in the Intro:
Gato Roboto:

Game Featured in the Outro:
Heave Ho:

Music Featured within the Intro and Outro:
John Lynn – Reasons [Bass Rebels Release]
Song –
Download/Stream –


  1. Get Indie Gaming says

    Hey everyone, welcome to the super busy month of June and with E3 just around the corner, here's a quick look at 7 indie game trailers I thought you all might enjoy. Many thanks as always for your support which means the world to me. Cheers!!

  2. CeeJay Lignes says

    2D is life <3

  3. Mateo Gruszynski says


  4. How Big is the Map? says

    I'm too busy playing Kenshi now

  5. Hell Is Other Demons looks like my kind of die-retry-die-retry game. 198X looks interesting. The story it teases reminds me a bit of the anime, Hi-Score Girl (currently on netflix) which I highly recommend watching if you haven't already.

  6. Rescz Gélic says

    7 days until cy2077 presentation!!!
    Does someone know if steam said when the next big sale is gonna be?

  7. Nicolas Gagné says

    I had never heard of 198X, but I'm very much looking forward to it now.

  8. Gabriel Claudino says

    There are some very emotional games, the ones that I'll follow are:


    Hell is Other demons

    Road to Guangdong
    (seems cool, but I don't know)


  9. Sposep says

    Not including "my friend pedro"… Smh

  10. Gustavo Rangel says

    198X really stands out for me…

  11. Stuart J says

    Plenty of "different" games on offer here. Star of the show though is With You and 198X. Looking forward to your E3 coverage.

  12. jolie1407 says

    Shadowlands reminded me of Nihilumbra. But I can't find much about the developer.

  13. Time Rider says

    This has quickly become my fav game channel of all time. All I need to know in One place. Faaar from the tripleA 198x looks freaking amazing

  14. Caleb Mickel says

    Voyage and Shadowlands look very special! Road to Guangdong looks interesting too, would love to see more. And 198X looks like it could be extremely unique and a hell of a lot of fun!

  15. Astraldragon Gaming says

    I just finished playing Draugen and now seeing 198X I know what I want to play next. Also anyone reading go play Draugen it short but packet with so much it strange how fast it is

  16. Callum Morrison says

    IS "Road to Guangdong" Chinese propaganda? Certainly feels like it/

  17. DreamState Studios says

    We love your videos, we are a new startup indie game company looking to bring straight up fun arcade games, we've just released our first game "FruitFat" It's a catching game that grows in intensity if you allow it to, it would mean so much to us if you would check it out. <3

  18. Potatow Winter says

    All the pixel art games here looks awesome!

  19. Potatow Winter says

    The 198X looks awesome

  20. Jimny_FireStorm2 says

    The first part of the 198X trailer was like listening to a Marks and Spencer's advert…

  21. HardWarUK says

    :Best "certain-style" indie gaming video again. No "standard" indie games, like Wasteland 2, Inquisitor, Stellar Tactics, and modern indie games like are like that.

  22. Wolwer says

    All games look promising, but 198X in particular's what's got me intrigued.

  23. Hamza Baig says

    love! Get Indie Gaming

  24. Cathy says

    Wow! So many good games!!!

  25. Iva N says

    Was that a robot cat game at the beginning??

  26. benlogan100 says


  27. PunCala says

    198X looks really promising.

  28. Daniel Mateo Posso González says

    Gato Roboto!!! ??

  29. Faded Fellow says

    Seeing all these games that excite me, but I never knew about until now makes me so glad I subbed to this channel.

  30. welwitschia says

    Voyage, OMG, what a gorgeous looking game!

  31. Sweetie_ Squad says

    198X trailer looks so edgy,lol

  32. uolou da owl says

    198x is fayer

  33. Sherif Fawzi says

    suuper like

  34. Chris Wuebbolt says

    198X releases on my birthday….

  35. PersianPrince12 says

    Wow! What a list. Voyage looks brilliant. I'm also interested in Hell is other demons and 198X.

  36. Joaquín Cuesta Fuentes says

    198X Looks exactly like my jam.

  37. SZ says

    what's the name of the game at 0:15 ?

  38. Nifft Batuff says

    Why characters in these games are so tiny?…

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