Top Fifty Favorite Video Games (Part 1)

  1. Insert clever name here says

    If a hat in time isn’t on the list, I WILL be somewhat disappointed

  2. Goukeban says

    23:21 jokes on you, my mom doesn't understand english

  3. DeathGodRiku says

    I miss arcade machines

  4. Dakotasan says

    48 is a fair spot for Undertale in my opinion, and that is coming from someone who had the game IMMEDIATELY shoot into his top 10 easy.

  5. Scott Howe The Joker says

    5. Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)

    4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (2009)

    3. Minecraft (2009)

    2. The Last of Us (2013)

    1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016)

  6. Noob7Zilla says

    Tekken7? Good story? Even with what they did to Eddie with Lucky Chloe? Okay, man. Kenny would disagree but okay, man.

  7. aneonfoxtribute says

    It's finally time to watch this, now that Part 5 is out

  8. Ragnarok23 says

    Oscar, I know this is a little late, but congrats. Milestones are funny, they good be small, to others, huge. Either way, you made it. So, Congratulations

  9. Jeff Crothers says

    Last time I played a Marvel vs Capcom 1 arcade machine was at barcade in NYC I have the game as part of MVC:O

  10. Johnny Alucard says

    Perhaps one day we can talk about Undertale without having to include the stupid history of the fandom…or fandoms in general of games in general. We CAN dissociate, you know.

  11. Justin D says

    What do you know, Oscar's a fan of fluffy. I swear that clip even without the context fits so well

  12. BlueKnight85 says

    Patreon, you've given the rest of us a wonderful gift.

  13. BladeBlur says

    Genuinely surprised about Tekken 7. I was severely let down by it. Especially for them taking out modes, gimping the character specific endings, and overall having a bare-bones single-player content compared to Tekken 5, which I still consider the pinnacle of the series. 7 plays well though, I just wish it had more content. Also 50$ for the DLC is INSANE!

  14. Solaris Society Opinions says

    Speaking of shovel knight and Scrooge McDuck I watched the death battle of them

  15. Frosty Bur says

    You really like fighting games, don't you?

  16. Ed Boy13 says

    Man i seen this guy since 2010 glad to se that he is still just having so much fun.

  17. Xiaomu Smash 14 says

    Well, this caught me off guard!

  18. Arcticlaw says

    man don't torture yourself oscar

  19. Silver Saiyan says

    (Sees #47) who’s your favorite girl?

  20. bryce knowles says

    Hey scorpion. Next Countdown you do please make it Danganronpa themed. Pls

  21. SwagJames says

    22:21 Best. Reference. EVER!!!

  22. Kaim Argonar says

    I hope to see Tales of Xillia somewhere near the top. It's an amazing game.

  23. TobisaruJC says

    Nappa didn’t even kill Yamcha, why would there need to be vengeance there? It’s a cute turn around but if anything Yamcha should want revenge on the kamikaze Saibaman.

  24. dusknoir64 says

    "And King Knight might be out by the time this video drops" God I wish.

  25. Jack Faulkes says

    Wow good for you

  26. game watch says

    A top fifty list huh? Wait it’s in five parts? This is going to be interesting.

  27. Bardock SkyWalker says

    Bring Out Ur Popcorns People… This Might Take A While…

  28. I8dacookies says

    If it qualified, where would you put DMC 5?

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