Top Ten Ensemble Casts in Video Games

  1. UstraMage says

    Baulder's Gate? You didn't talk about that? Well, I do like all your choices though

  2. TheMaskedFacade says

    While I personally like DR2 and V3's casts more than DR1's, it's really cool to see Danganronpa on this list!

  3. Dark King V3 says

    In my honest opinion I think that tales of berserias cast is a lite better then vesperia

  4. magitek09 says

    What does Persona has against harem endings?! ;A;

  5. Daniel Ramsey says

    Cyan: I'm about to End your Career.

  6. The810kid says

    Final Fantasy IV,IX and VII's casts>FFVI

  7. Dewayne Thomas says

    I know I'm gonna get hate for this, but my fave ensemble cast in jrpgs is Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and 2.

  8. Fletcher Reed says

    "I'm not a thief, I'm a TREASURE HUNTER!"
    ~Locke Cole

  9. Desth O says

    The title of this video was misleading. It should have been called an Ensemble cast for RPG and JRPG titles. There's no mention of Street Fighter, Gears of War, Devil May Cry, Mortal Kombat, or even Red Dead Redemption's sequel. Those have an ensemble cast in their own built in story whether in the form of a fighting, hack and slash/shooter, action adventure titles.

  10. Ryan Carless says

    Is the thumbnail a reference to HunterxHunter? Love the video

  11. Dalton Hall says

    And in Mass effect 3, half of them die. But dang the torment it brings you just proves how much you feel for them.

  12. MalachiteOW says

    Xenoblade fans on life support

  13. Bagels says

    So, you don't shave the goatee…? Why…?

  14. JCBro2014 says

    So, am I the only one who noticed the lighting was off in this countdown? It was brighter than it should be.

  15. jedimasterpickle3 says

    I mean, I like FE Awakening, but you kinda implied that Awakening was the first game to have a support system. It wasn't even the first to let you pair up characters and recruit their children. I'm perfectly fine with Awakening's placement on the list, but the script bugs me a little.

  16. Lauren regnier says

    So want Persona Q2 .

  17. Nassaro Winter says

    every warriors game is a button masher

  18. Shavonne Stafford says

    Hey friend!! Enjoying the uploads.

  19. FrogFace says

    I missread the title as Enseble Cats instead of Cast. The lack of cats did leave me disappointed though.

  20. deviewhatserface says

    Good to know someone else ships Ristelle. xD

  21. Ian Brennan says

    I'm a simple man. I see Danganronpa, I click like.

    Also, based on that ending… Top 10 BioWare Fails in the future?

  22. The Scarlet Shepherd says

    ah fire emblem awakening, the first FE game I played through. As well as the first one I spent hundreds of hours on grinding to get the support log to 100% (including both male and female avatar and avatar children routes). Thankfully the dlc and spotpass was there or else it would've taken even longer. I don't regret doing it though.

  23. Gamemaster Anthony says

    Re #6: I said this in the live chat…but am I the only one who wants to see Gordon Freeman and Chell as playables in TF2? Gordon could be the making of a Scientist class and make great use of the grav gun as a mechanic and either chuck items as an ammo-free alternative to attack or throw cures and ammo to allies. Chell could become the Infiltrator and set portals as an alternative to Engineer's teleporter and even provide a means to redirect firepower. (Yes…I realize they have no voices and the quips are part of TF2's charms, but it would be fun to see what voices they decide to give them.)

    Also…alfredo as best sauce? What a cheesy way to end that video. (runs like hell before I am maimed for that pun)

  24. Hunter X05 says

    hOI! :•3

  25. ClockworkFreya says

    I see your Alfredo, and respect it. I love me a good Bolognese sauce tho. Meaty and delicious and chock full of tomatoes, spices and garlic.

    rip Mordin and Thane tho. ;w;

  26. Gold Yoshi says

    I guess after being taken away by Money wanting companies. BioWare hasn't bin the same since. I wonder what other underrated industries have I missed because I was to young to remember because they were all around when I was like 8 or 9.

  27. The Ouchiegiver says

    No left 4 dead 2 cast?

  28. B'ars NI says

    Speaking of bioware, who remembers Jade Empire? I remember Jade Empire.

  29. SuperGoker64 says

    10:36 Okay, are we sure the Phoenix King hasn't joined the editing team? This is at least the third Total Drama reference made in these countdowns.

    Not that I'm complaining. 😉

  30. Darkforce213 says

    “So that’s what Heat death looks like.” I understood that.

  31. Brodire2012 says

    Oh my, a TF2 joke/reference and a Total Drama Island joke/reference in one clip. Josh, I love you.

  32. Percival917 says

    Yeah, I may have to disagree with any Persona ensemble cast that isn't 2.

  33. Marc Leach says

    Personally when it come to tales game berseria has the best cast

  34. otakon17 says

    >useless attacks
    I don't even…
    20:40 Zevran is wearing Geralts armor…what mod is this I need it.

  35. marylovesdavidcook says


    Cue the massive eyeroll. eyeroll

  36. Atdoam says

    >Team Fortress 2
    >Continually Updated
    Pick one

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