TOY STORY 4 Bonus Extras 'Joy Story' Official Promo Clip + Trailer (New 2019)| Disney Animation HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

Watch the official TV Spots from Toy Story 4, an animation movie starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. In theaters June 21, 2019.

When a new toy called “Forky” joins Woody and the gang, a road trip alongside old and new friends reveals how big the world can be for a toy.

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  1. Refugio Macias says

    I'm sorry to tell you this but always those Chinese words appear

  2. Daysiane Oliveira says

    Eu. Não. Acho

  3. anahi gonzalez hernandez says

    Llevo l

  4. Robert Green says


  5. El video más triste del mundo ???????

  6. krystek mem says


  7. Jack Eccles says

    This could be a tv show about

    Woody and boe rescuing toys and keeping up with the carnival

    "Awwww a puppy"
    'Buzz and woody smiling'

  8. M56 J says

    Pixar Easter egg.
    It’s called Joy because of Inside Out

  9. Johnny Seyller says

    He was not in the Toy story 4 movie

  10. Daniel Gonzalez says

    My dogs name is joy lol

  11. Ornela Santillan says


  12. Bonnie Anderson says

    Why would I got stuck into some Chinese communist company propaganda video…

  13. sandro game .80 jesus says

    Yabi toys Tori 4 y noa parese

  14. Jimena Rodriguez Castillo says

    me gusto?

  15. elchicodepapel says

    No había visto este vídeo. Me encanta?

  16. jesus alarcon says

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  17. C H R I S says

    Bonnie: *Doesn't take care or play with Woody*

    You: 1:15

  18. ProGamer 32745 says

    Aww i want that puppy its cute

  19. Spengy The Hedgey says

    1:45 Wait what!? I thought woody’s head was some kind of wood or hard plastic.

  20. Julio Marcos Gaviño Arriaga says


  21. Guadalupe Reys says

    Hjeundjj jsmnsmkdnldnlms

  22. Cecilia Ochoa says

    Dar 90790 porque ese coso está súper Bueno pero más la madrugada pero bueno no importa el orden que yo soy Cecilia

  23. Anna Brandis says

    U nuuk,

  24. Rebecca Imperato says


  25. Ines Khiari says

    .,? €

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