TOY STORY 4 Trailer # 2 (2019)

  1. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo says

    Boody come with Buz La Year.

  2. Rich Smith says

    God Only Knows? Brilliant song seems to fit the movie perfectly.

  3. Paddy Barr says

    What if in toy story 5 [if it comes out] Andy finds woody out on the street and finds out him and all the other toys are alive???

  4. Adam Perkins says

    1:06 I think the dolls are from goosebumps

  5. rizal kgfp says

    I can t wait to watch I like toy story

  6. TurboSqu1d says

    Woody's run gives me life

  7. TheOriginalFayari says

    Kids born on the year when the first Toy Story came out would be 24 now.

  8. Bionicle Boy says

    After all these years whow would've thought that part 4 of Toy Story is gonna exist? And it's gonna be on june 21,at my birthday.

  9. StevenT2002 says

    I'm sure the film will be great but did we really need it? Toy story 3 was the perfect ending

  10. HPTRK Kreed says

    The fucking Beach Boys… damn you for trying to make me tear up.

  11. Hfar says

    They're never going to stop making Toy Story movies, are they?

  12. aaronpiper92 says

    “.. and the farmer he hauls another load away. bye load! bye load!” .. oh wait, wrong trailer

  13. Big Black Guy Reviews says

    Good. Seems like they legit have a new story to tell. Glad it's not just a cash in. I'm in?

  14. Pista chio says

    Im not ready for this

  15. Pat Sosa says

    Call it Bo peep is bad

  16. Another “We had have to find Woody!”( <- gruff voice.) plot? Curious.


    Soooooooo, Toy Story 3 wasn’t the perfect ending? What is this? ???

  18. Gerardo Rodriguez says

    What if Bo Peep is a secret Antagonist of the movie? Like a secret villain?

  19. SUPERIOR FELIX Gameing says

    Is it me or is bow have a villain feel

  20. gusgus00 says

    What kind of gets me is that they had to remake the young Andy model

  21. schrutebuck says


  22. Lloyd_robinflex says

    Can't wait to see this. Woody never ages, he still looks the same as in Toy Story.

  23. warren byrne says

    2:05 2:06 2:07 cries.

  24. XADLIN REP says

    El primero ❤siempre fiel

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