TOY STORY 4 Trailer # 3 (NEW, 2019) Pixar Animation Movie HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

TOY STORY 4 Trailer # 3 (NEW, 2019) Pixar Animation Movie HD
© 2019 – Pixar

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  1. Sullivan and Mike and pals says

    It's tin toy

  2. ARMY México says


  3. Pietromagg says

    No Andy? No Toy Story.

  4. Lawrdawg says


  5. Hello World says

    1:58 doesn’t look like Andy

    What if it’s his father??

  6. Uv G says

    Well then, who else kinda wants this to beat endgame

  7. Panic! CREEP says

    0:36 nadie más va a comentar que esto sucede amenudo en sus películas?
    Ya saben, Loxxo, el rescate de Buzz :^

    Fans: queremos algo nuevo, no seguir fórmulas!

    Disney: las fórmulas funcionan, me gustan las fórmulas

  8. Angel Wing says

    Ah fuck, toy story does it again

  9. Emmi_17 says

    omg.. im crying this is so good..

  10. Mr. Spider Animations says

    Can't wait until total story five.

  11. Kikifeisty says

    i love toys story. always wished for another part and there will be one. IM SO HAPPY FEELING LIKE A KID AGAIN.

  12. Gracie Raghunath says

    Pixar straight up MURDERED Andy and replaced him with some new bitch pass it on

  13. Gracie Raghunath says

    “Why am I alive?” -Forky
    This new guy is suspicious but relatable

  14. Batman Blood says

    Idk like i am happy there's another one but after that furnace scene idk if i can take it anymore

  15. Tiffany Echon says

    4th already and they still have it!

  16. Collin Ryder says

    Woody in love again

  17. Luciano De Almeida Moreira says

    Andy is defferent, this is Andy's son

  18. MLG JJGames says

    This made me cry as much as infinity war so far.

  19. Andrew Rodriguez says

    1:59 what happened to Andy ?

  20. Jimbabwe says

    why am i alive

  21. Jaden Harris says

    I love the trailer but it scares me to think of what other objects are alive, if forky is brought to life with arms legs eyes and a mouth and knows his purpose

  22. Farmer Thanos says

    Its the first one all over again

  23. MysticKova says

    So any kid can just make a toy out of everyday items, and that toy can just come to life?

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