TOY STORY 4 Trailer # 4 (NEW, 2019) Pixar Animation Movie HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

TOY STORY 4 Trailer # 4 (NEW, 2019) Pixar Animation Movie HD
© 2019 – Pixar

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  1. Sam S says

    There's never any hidden cameras to capture anything XD

  2. Brutus Tan says

    Shout own to my country, with Kaboom.

  3. Andrew Hoang says

    1 question still remains…whats the point of this movie?… the way they ended 3 was perfect. unless this movie was about andy after college and them finally talking to him, there's no reason for this movie

  4. Furyan Auror says

    Keanu!!!! Hell yeah

  5. Michael Sanchez says

    no Jesse??? :/

  6. waleed alsharif_movies says

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  7. Sand Monkey says

    "The ol' fluff rush," lol.

  8. Andres Arosemena says

    I don't know if I suddenly became old or what… but this does not excite me. Toy story 3 closed perfectly their story, this feels like a mix of 1 and 2, without the magic.

  9. Justin Time says

    This is looking better and better with every trailer released.

  10. Laura Buska says

    Wow, this makes the 2nd one look like the 3rd one.

  11. Osman Yousif says

    Tony Hale, Key and Peele, and Keanu Reeves = comedy chemistry in an animated film.

  12. Star 4eva says

    I’m RUNNING to the theater ?

  13. DAILYVIDEOS says

    toy story , aladdin and lion king are my fav disney/pixar movies

  14. Captain Rex13 says

    “I’ve known that guy my whole life, two days!”
    XDDDDDD ???

  15. Bryce Cheng says

    I am so sorry Little Bo Peep it's beautiful. I don't think it's weird because it's just like Elsa in Frozen. She is so beautiful and we all know she's beautiful and it's very attractive to us.

  16. Mert K. says

    1:20 when they finally bring chucky to a toystory movie

    Because the McDonalds clown in his midlife crysis in IT was for 18+ only…

  17. "Why am I alive?"

  18. L's Successor says

    This is something worth saying first for

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