TOY STORY 4 'Woody Hugs Bo Peep' Official TV Spots + Trailer (New 2019)| Disney Animation HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

Watch the official TV Spots from Toy Story 4, an animation movie starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. In theaters June 21, 2019.

When a new toy called “Forky” joins Woody and the gang, a road trip alongside old and new friends reveals how big the world can be for a toy.

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  1. Anna Yi says

    I looooove toy story

  2. Robocop _ says

    So woody won’t be able to hit that because he doesn’t have one

  3. Tottenham Lol it says

    Toy Story 5: Boo is a porn star

  4. TK Siege says

    It’s so hard watching the movie with bo

  5. xX veltrex Xx says
  6. Gacha_Waffle says

    Am I the only one wondering why Pixar keeps making their characters thicc as hell?

  7. Hurricane Son says

    Forky: im a trash

    Spork: am i a joke to you

  8. 阿日YAT5456 says

    10% of the comments are about the movie itself

    90% are about Bo Peep's thiccness
    (Actually I can't understand how come you guys think that)

  9. Hoan Hot Ho says

    The thumbnail tho… EXTRA THICC

  10. Fr Bruh says

    Is it weird if I have a crush on Bo?

  11. •it’sKarol• - Roblox says

    0:18 that hug!!! Awwwww (๑•ᴗ•๑)♡

  12. Big Franku says

    Bo peep was thicc that whole goddamn movie fuck that thumbnail now I know why woody was thirsty

  13. Evelyn Guzmán says


  14. Evelyn Guzmán says

    Que buenas actuaciones

  15. nazli mavruk says


  16. Jassysm says

    Wish woody and bonnie got a reunion with andy ))):

  17. Kaileen Perez says


  18. Antonio Vicencio Cano says

    bo pee woody todo el tiempo

  19. Selena Chavez says


  20. Fernando Luna carranza says


  21. Yanina Piedade says

    You is novio?

  22. bubblegum mint says

    Woody looks creepy

  23. HyperTracksHD says

    0:19 0.25x speed

  24. PIRATA MAN says

    theres a snake in my boot.. and thats bonnie..

  25. wise sauce says

    I'm going to hell but WTF is with Pixar making thicc characters. like damn.


  26. Thatkid kreme says

    Bro y a toy thicc or am I seeing things

  27. GOD / Dios says

    Bo peep is now T H I C C

  28. ThyDoesStuff says

    What the hell I got the same ad as this video lmao

  29. Flou Music says

    Bo peep is weirdly attractive in the new movie and shouldn't be, cuz she's a toy and I'm weird

  30. BlazeT_T says

    DaMn BoI hE tHiCc

  31. Nanolinex says

    Pixar didn’t have to make bo peep Dummy Thicccccc

  32. Evet Fridman says

    Is it just me, or they replaced Woody and Bo's re-union hug?? It became more of an awekward moment, which both weren't sure whether to hug, kiss or do what, so they just nodded(?) at each other.

  33. EpikRisky says

    Bo peep thiccc

  34. Angela Larios says

    0:32 me when my mom tells me to clean my room

  35. ReMockz says

    plot thickens ass they say. . .

  36. I Have Anxiety says

    Lol what is that thumbnail?! 😂😂

  37. Jennifer Minjarez says

    If they made a toy story 5 they should do were Andy has a kid and hes at the park that woody is at and Andy is playing with his kid and his kid goes up to Andy and says "look daddy look at these toys and its wood and bo. Just my opinion.

  38. BlitzWolfer says

    Bo peep looking like a snack

  39. Gia Thompson says

    I hate how nobody’s talking about how thicc bo peep is

  40. deckie says

    Bruh they hugging now in kids movies? This is absurd, hugging is at least R for Mature

  41. Papa Lazarou says

    If I had her as one of my toys that ass would get used and abused

  42. Iam Doge says

    Any one else wondering why bo peep thicc

  43. Chuy Lunatic says

    Is Andy gay?

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