TT Isle of Man 2 • Upping The Game Trailer • PS4 Xbox One Switch PC

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  1. Garrett B says

    I care about ONE thing with this game. Will the multiplayer work? I dont care about graphics, extra bikes, extra uniforms, decals, customizations, bigger penises for the riders. I want multiplayer to work consistently. This game has amazing physics and just needs multiplayer attention. You have my 59.99 if multiplayer works and has a nice way to match make.

  2. Norman D says

    When is the release date?

  3. Schorsch Kluni says

    No rewind function no buy its that simple because that really pissed me of in part 1

  4. STACK#22 says

    What a shame… engine is still ps2 niveau…… hoped so much it would improve this time…

  5. Lukas Lüthy says


  6. Phil Regan says

    First time I've seen a logo I've designed for a client in a video game 🙂


    Hopefully it has the NW200, Ulster GP and the rest of the road races on the calendar along with the eletric zero class and lightweights.

  8. Racing Lover says


  9. Hrusti says

    And how much does it cost 70€ pff

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