Tunic – Official Gameplay Trailer | ID@Xbox

  1. franky says

    Looks like more deaths door to me. I am excited!

  2. Agustin Goicoechea says

    I tought it was like zelda but it was a souls like. I came looking for bronze and I found gold.

  3. 82PeRK says

    I need this in my life do bad.

    Looks like zelda.

    Ecactly the kind of game i play which are non fcking exsistent

  4. Ben Prins says

    So excited 😀😀

    But will Tunic be on Xbox and PC gamepass in March 2022 when it releases? Anyone know?

  5. DezPlayz says

    So excited for this. I played the demo back in July (and did a video) and even the short amount that I showed I was just blown away by. It looks like it's going to be amazing.

  6. AngelMayCry says

    Reminds me of deaths door love it

  7. ikabubu says

    I'm very intrigued by the cryptic letters. I wonder if Tunic will go down the same path as Fez did, where there's more to the game than what it seems.

  8. Antonio De La Cerda says

    Looks like a zelda game, 3 months of waiting…

  9. Air and Oxygen says

    So cool can't wait to play this!

  10. Gabriel Nader says

    What is that!!!

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