TURNING RED Official 4K Teaser Trailer (NEW 2022) Disney Pixar Animation Adventure Comedy Movie UHD

“Animation Movie” trailer

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Watch the official 4k trailer for TURNING RED, an Disney Pixar animation movie coming to theaters March 11, 2022.

Thirteen year old Mei is experiencing the awkwardness of being a teenager with a twist – when she gets too excited, she transforms into a giant red panda.

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  1. Miriam Martinez says

    Disnai. Yuste. Made. Luca. And. Know. This

  2. Bearmanchild a new legacy says

    私は本当にこれを見たい I really want to watch this

  3. Ian Dave says


  4. iScream_gacha says

    new hair physics

  5. I can’t wait for this movie

  6. Mr.Backroom says

    Me: uhh thats a werid panda

  7. G-Max says

    This is almost like brother bear but with a red panda

  8. jaxine Villanueva says

    The panda character was stolen from someone on tiktok 💀

  9. Dzaki Rivals01 Racing says

    Ah yes turning furry ANIMATED

  10. Shoe says

    Next film will be a canadian/mexican guy who can turn into big chungus

  11. Vgr says

    This whole movie is basically how embarrassed Karen’s child feels

  12. Alan Wayne says

    1:22 That man knows something. He has a RED PANDA FACE on his wall.

  13. I ♥️(love)🐼(panda)

  14. Anonymous says

    I really want to see this-

  15. NJV Artimations says

    When she ran crying i just ⚰️

  16. EvanWatcher says

    The furries are winning

  17. gamingplay x says

    Plot twist: KAREN is EVERYWHERE you go

  18. Halo playz says

    the mario jump😂 moment XD

  19. 7868 Mehdi says


  20. Sunset safari_plays says

    This looks fantastic and interesting but Luca just gave me good vibes

  21. Rachou2769 says

    Stupid makes no sense worst movie ever

  22. Preston Stevens says

    This movie looks dumb to me, just saying

  23. Ellieanime says

    I wanna watch it so badly

  24. At 1:42: My Reaction To The Chick Hicks Movie Sequel Been Announced

  25. Andrej Najhold says

    Damn,ahe really was turned into a furry

  26. Soda pop animation says

    Ok is that the guy from dr who the techar

  27. Dolphina says

    turning FURRY (2022)

  28. Why is this giving me Luca vibes

  29. andre moore says

    This is the furry movie

  30. xander Rasmussen says

    i love red panda

  31. LordDiscord says

    I just noticed something and I wonder if it has something to do with her transformation ability. at the 0:52 mark you can hear what sounds like a maniacal crazed laugh just before she transforms. I am curious if this laughter is actually from her Panda half and that it might have somewhat of its own sentience outside of her control and maybe she and the panda will have to come to terms with each other, and kind of fuse into one before she can finally control the transformation, or if its possible she was cursed at some point, and the laughter is that of the person that cursed her. I am very intrigued to find out why she becomes a red panda when she is mad, excited, or anxious.

  32. じゆ。 says


  33. ꧁Couch_Potato꧂ says

    I don’t like the mom she’s creepy and embarrassing

  34. Evil #stanevil says

    Bruh at the start when she transforms I thought she is a colorful bear

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