TURNING RED Official Teaser Trailer (NEW 2022) Disney Pixar Animation Adventure Comedy Movie HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

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Watch the official trailer for TURNING RED, an Disney Pixar animation movie coming to theaters March 11, 2022.

Thirteen year old Mei is experiencing the awkwardness of being a teenager with a twist – when she gets too excited, she transforms into a giant red panda.

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  1. montork says

    ok but.
    are kids allowed to wear hats to class now?

  2. Erin Dursa says

    If it’s probably gonna get moved to 2023 it’s going to make us cry

  3. Prescila Fernandez says

    1:33 CaLm…. ZeN

  4. shelby chalifoux says


  5. The meme foxy says

    I now kind of animal is that thats a Red panda

  6. siimply_zuukuYT says

    YES! * transform * NOO..

  7. slightly weetarded says

    So a disney movie about puberty?

  8. Nisa Azkayra says

    Bagus juga

  9. Matthew Bates says

    I hope you guys know this is going to be a trans character even her voice actress is trans

  10. HedgehogIsntCool says

    Oh boy the memes after this releases…

  11. Grace Animates says

    One question,what were these script writers on?

    Jerald:hey who turned Mei into a red panda
    Jerald:woah where did those fairies come from?

    (This is a joke it looks like a good movie)

  12. LucasIsPersonalHere says


  13. Darth Vader says

    This feels incredibly stupid in the worst way possible.

  14. FoxyBoxi says

    So all furries are stressed? XDDDD

  15. Isaiah Benitez says

    Can’t wait

  16. Alaura Moore says

    In 0:34 the girl has some type of medical device. It looks like.

  17. Elena Gozon says


  18. Erika Rodriguez says


  19. josuel lopez says

    Put this I want to why do you make a different part then you can do something else I can do some videos of course you want to do some videos do some videos right now I’m gonna slap you in gonna put a fence up down because you’re not gonna have a good channel at the budget going to put a thumbs down to

  20. Paresia un poco de SONY PICTURES ANIMATION

  21. Царенвы

  22. Pixelated Gaming says

    YES! no…

  23. Abigail Villanueva says


  24. Cleia Lurruã says


  25. Tamaki Amajiki says

    It seems to me to be a red panda

  26. Kary Villanueva says


  27. Nguyen Vu says


  28. Husskyy WRE says

    I online know a song names Turning pink but nice

  29. Janahia Cruz says


  30. 🍫Chocolate muffin🍫 says

    This is just hulk for kids-

  31. 🍫Chocolate muffin🍫 says

    “ alr Settle down little goblins” xD

  32. Phil Lattio says

    “Turning Red” is a phrase that has been used to describe a person accepting communism.

    It’s obvious the little girl turns into whatever that thing is because of her “shame”.

    Shame is big in communistic societies because they do not have individualistic outlooks and the focus in their world is more on the collective. Shame you bring is shame on all your friends and families so to speak.

    There is so much off with this movie but I bet the CCP approves of it 👍

  33. Arkeeny says

    At the end when she smiles after turning back to normal she looks a lot of like Steven Universe. O_o;

  34. Noriaki Kakoyin says

    First Luca now this abomination?

  35. Kat • says

    So she turns into a huge ted Fox panda everytime she get stressed? I just turn into a ball of anxiety and break out….. I wanna turn into a huge red fox panda 😩😩😩😩😩 I hate the real world

  36. Felipe Mendoza says

    idk what to say

  37. X Vibes With Brook X says

    And why is it so bad

  38. X Vibes With Brook X says

    Me wondering why is it so bad hermum is outside

  39. Bonya Emerson says


  40. Hedwart Talavera says


  41. Kilateo2 :3 says

    Fun fact: everybody fears of seeing there mom at school even though my mom mostly forgets me 😀

  42. SKID says

    We're is that song from

  43. Nina Koscielska says


  44. Anica Dainelle says


  45. Jose Paulo De Araújo says

    The name of the movie

  46. Como se llama esa pelicula

  47. Yes :)no 🙁

  48. Glyph says

    She turned into a tanuki dam

  49. Nicole says

    Si 🦊

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