Typewriter | Official Trailer | Netflix

The legend of Bardez Villa comes to life. Typewriter premieres July
19, only on Netflix.

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Typewriter | Official Trailer | Netflix

Three young friends in Goa plan to search an old villa for ghosts, but when a new family moves in, the home’s buried past resurfaces in chilling ways.


  1. Roblox2781 says

    Dia Pembantukan Cerita asal Typewriter di Cerita hantu Di Negara India Berterusan Di Perkara Wilayah

  2. rahul kashiv says

    A nice and decent series….
    We want second season…..

  3. Alexei Romanov says

    Their accent is SOOO UNACCTARTIVE . I'll skip this one

  4. Nisha Legha says

    Second season please 🙏

  5. Penguin S says

    Is it death note 📝

  6. Delicious says

    Season 2 ??♥️

  7. Sarox Kingdom says

    I know I wanna watch this

  8. animal lover says

    Season 2

  9. Vish Ladwa says

    Ok I don't think I'm gonna bother waiting for season 2
    Jokes aside a typewriter that host a ghost, still don't know how the woman in 1950 gained her powers and how the hell did the fakeer son survive falling off that cliff behind an exploding vehicle with only a scratch on his head and a limp!

  10. Yaminee Verma says

    For horror lovers its not scary moreover story is very predictable. Thrill is absent no suspence. A kid horror story. May be good for children

  11. AimEye says

    I see Bollywood keeps trying to make good stuff but still fails 😂

  12. Premnath Haldankar says

    I was laughing by the information , mentioned about goa , bardez is one of the taluka in goa , there is no such police station called bardez police station 😅🤣🤣🤣 bardez villa ?

  13. Zahid Saddiq says

    SEASON 2 plz!!!!! Sorry for that I did not discover this series before yesterday!! Netflix`s PR and marketing department should get an award for hiding such a well made family entertainer which was really well hidden!!! Shame on Marketing dep at Netflix.. but love Netflix for the show!

  14. Capenter Jojo says

    this story seems so true is this based on a true story?

  15. It's me KHUSHBOO says

    Completed the whole season in one day trust me it's amazing ✨
    can't wait for season 2

  16. Kunjappan MA LLB says


  17. Blockbuster Studios says

    Right at the jump scare at the end my lamp flickered off… it’s really faulty but still jump scared me

  18. maheen waheed says

    It was good but school kids is m oversmart bn rhy thy… itny choty bchy adventurous bn rhy thy to season b bchon wala lg rha tha…..

  19. Pooja Ambala says

    Like what in the world is with that ending??? This whole series is a joke, the horror is quite literally a joke, and the screen time alloted to each character is all messed up, and the only good storyline of fakir from the past is also messed up by the end. This isn't worth a watch.

  20. Shariffah Atikah says

    I really love it. The story is brilliant. I binge watched it.

  21. Aarti Saka 4527 says

    Super series.🙏😱😱😱

  22. Lakhan Narwani says

    Spoiler alert : episode 5 amit roy tells the ghost to go after the kids , she totally ignores him , a kid tells the ghost while she is abt to muder someone he needs to pee , this movie is more like a comedy than a horror thriller 🤣🤣

  23. HABIB says

    Really Want season 2 Pls RELEASE 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Shiv Kumar Sahu says

    भाई…. टाइपराइटर के निर्देशक और प्रोड्यूसर को एक सलाह है कि वह .. आश्रम, ओ पी एस, द फैमिली मैन आदि फिल्म एक बार देख ले और कुछ अनुभव ग्रहण करें। ऐसी फिल्म बनाकर दिमाग का दही ना करें ऐसा लगता है आपने एक्टिंग के लिए अपने परिवार के कुछ लोगों को सस्ते में भर्ती कर लिया, और बच्चो k अंग्रेजी स्कूल का तो ap logo ने ट्रेंड बना लिया। कहानी को और बेहतर तरीके से पेश किया जा सकता था but lagta hi ki अनुभव की काफी कमी थी। It's boring…ghisi pity…और हां सिर्फ ट्रेलर दिखाने से कोई फिल्म हिट नहीं हो जाती।

  25. Chitra Devi says

    Fact: the house in this film is one of the most haunted house, known as Bardez villa….
    Many people know this fact…..

  26. Harry Jutt says

    Stranger things saste mein 🤔🤣

  27. PANDIT says

    Horror nhi the lakin Gazab ke time pass series he maja aagya

  28. Pavan Patil says

    Plz dark dubbed in hindi

  29. Rekha Handoo says

    In Which telegram channel it can be downloaded ??

  30. Ahmed Shah says

    Kisi ny dheki hai ye series kci hai

  31. Shirsha Chakraborty says

    Why didn't season 2 of Sujay Ghosh's Typewriter release? I really liked season 1!

  32. Ranjeet Mahato says

    Trailer is more scary then the whole series…😂😂

  33. Gaurav Banwal says

    Waiting for 2nd season…..

  34. crownJoKeR Yt says

    I am typing my comment on typewriter 😂😂😂😂

  35. Jaggi Maan says

    Ekdum Bakwas serial hai…time waste

  36. Rishali Rishu says

    Can anyone tell me When Netflix will release season 2 of typewriter

  37. Rajna Bilrwan says


  38. arae aien says

    This was so well done. definitely a good binge but i was scared a bit so couldn't watch it as much as i'd like except when there were other people in the house with me.

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