Undertale – 4 – Game Grumps Stream VOD (05/28/19)

game game

Dan and Arin dig deep and love hard.

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  1. Sawyer Paul says

    Imagine alphys opens the elevator doors to leave and Frisk is Just DEAD from the impact

  2. Kaizōku says

    Them just completely blasting through the Asriel lore in Asgores house kinda ruined this playthrough for me ngl.

  3. Martina Chooffey says

    Arin took so many tries to defeat Mettaton, but beat Flowey in TWO!? the math does not add up gd

  4. Misshowzat says

    I love how no one calls out that Mettaton is modeled after the robot from Wallace & Gromit A Grand Day Out. That story is so cute.

  5. The Peepeepoopoo Man says

    "Chat... be nice to Ally or else... "

  6. Tallon John Larson says

    I want dan saying "Its not a waste if it keeps you alive" to be played on a loop inside of my head.

  7. Enna says

    Secret that I don't think was gone through on this. If you talk to Sans during the neutral-pacifist run (or maybe as long as you haven't killed Papyrus), and restart the game (without saving), the dialogue will change. Try it a couple of times. ( :

  8. Painted Trash says

    "seems talking won't do anymore good"
    Keeps clicking act

    Even now, this bothers me

  9. bonke dadsly says

    i went to the comments and no one is mentioning how they just talked through that really emotional and lore important scene at asgores house. i rewatch the scene i tear up everytime watching them just boof through it annoyed me milder sorry rant over

  10. Looking In With Victor B says

    Wow. I don't think I watched someone beat flowey in two shots! Well done Arin!

  11. RangedWeevil61 says

    I sure love this Jimmy guy, I sure hope nothing bad happened to his petunias

  12. BioNichole says

    To this day, Arin thinking that Asriel turned into Asgore after absorbing the human's soul…breaks my soul…

  13. Pleasant Leech says

    Damnit why does this game make me so emotional??

  14. LoLTM says

    looking back, i kinda wish Alley wasnt here for this playthrough :/

  15. Your Average Commenter says

    "No art lessons for you. Go murder somebody"

  16. Daniela Valli says

    Sucks they couldn’t experience the game closing. Now THAT would be some DDLC level shit for Dan

  17. Lizzi Canavan says

    Bro I’m a backseat gamer sometimes but like if ur gonna backseat game at least make sure u have the right facts like it drove me crazy they couldn’t just play the game all u need to know Is “don’t kill” like let them playyyyy

  18. SwaggerSoulS says

    Did he really tell people to use gamer with the hard R in public !?!

  19. Maxpwnent says

    (It's a coffin)
    (There's a name engraved on it)

  20. theblasblas says


    …oh god, it's only now that I realize that Flowey, REALLY COULLDN'T UNDERSTAND. Like he physically couldn't understand why you would show him mercy.

  21. theblasblas says

    Everyone plays the game of life

  22. Brainjarmen TheCool dood says

    1:23:26 dude my friend loved this part so much that he is breakdancing on the floor I think he tired himself out now because he’s not moving EDIT: woah he’s drooling he must be a heavy sleeper is it supposed to look all foamy?

  23. Shit ass dicks says

    I love Stabocrabo

  24. SnowconeGames says

    The most disappointing part of this play-through and other story heavy games that the game grumps did is the idea behind "The story doesn't matter, what the audience wants comes first". Literally everyone just wants them to see the story but they constantly think something went "wrong" and ignoring important sections of the game. JUST PLAY THE GAME NORMALLY!!! They didn't have to make a stream for Doki Doki to make every choice that they made, so why this?!

  25. Ark Chiller says

    Alleys voice sounds like suzie and suzie sounds like alley. When both talk idk whose sayin what

  26. Cale Davis says

    When I played against Omega Flowey, I also beat it first try and can agree with Arin that it was easier than it seems

  27. Top Shagger says

    I had an actual headache after him being so dumb

  28. Top Shagger says

    Why didn’t he never get the temmie armor

  29. Les Lauren says

    (Pulls out flowers)

    *take them, you deserve them for being my fat youtubers and playing this game

  30. Vexe The Magician says

    I hope someone told them about gaster at some point

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