Untitled Goose Game – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Untitled Goose Game is out now!
It’s a lovely morning in the village and you are a horrible goose.

Untitled Goose Game is a slapstick-stealth-sandbox, where you are a goose let loose on an unsuspecting village. Make your way around town, from peoples’ back gardens to the high street shops to the village green, setting up pranks, stealing hats, honking a lot, and generally ruining everyone’s day. Untitled Goose Game was developed by House House, published by Panic, and launched on Nintendo Switch on September 20, 2019.

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© 2019 House House in cooperation with Panic.

Learn more about Untitled Goose Game! https://bit.ly/326jAPr

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  1. Why did this appere if it's old

  2. Unsteady Eddy says

    Hitgoose Agent 47.

  3. Anastasiia says


    a lil evil goose

  4. Iom Constantinescu says

    Thanks for calling a horrible goose

  5. Rapture Music says

    I'm around geese almost daily, and they're a million times more interesting than the game. This game is pure boringness after 10 minutes of playing. The humans shoo you away all the time and you're stuck. Rage Quit!

  6. Kellan Daniel says

    no way this game is 3 years old

  7. mimi sat says

    Where can I find other games like this

  8. Mary Nolan says

    Is the music Debussy, Ravel, or something else?

  9. Florian Kringel says

    "Honk!" – Goose

  10. Incognito Man says

    We need Untitled Groose Game

    a.k.a. LOZ: Skyward Sword

  11. lionheart21 says

    Just recently played this game. Such a simple premise and yet its just so much fun.

  12. Christian Quirion says

    You’re basically playing as Canadian Geese (or seagulls stealing fries)

  13. klins061 says

    Literally Nobody:
    Goose: … HONK 😂

  14. Miater says

    Don’t be A Menace While Being A Goose In The Hood

  15. Retro says

    Ok who is just here for indie cross god damn

  16. AoNeko! (アオネコ) says

    Goose, goose, goose Imma little goose

  17. Brian Bommarito says

    Fair warning: This is something I’ve noticed about actual geese in real life: when they are about to attack, they lower their necks close to the ground, stretch out their wings as far as they can, and then quickly waddle straight for you. If you do not do this, people will know you are not a real goose.

  18. Foxo says

    GTA, Middle England stylee.

  19. Random_Qiu says

    The fact that Nintendo refused to put that genshin on switch and put this 💀

  20. baguette_cat says

    Debussy! :O

  21. Nate Dodge says

    Any plans for a second version where you could do multiplayer as a co-op? That would be amazing!

  22. Nef Yolova says

    Everything about this game is perfect. There's not even one singular thing that I could pick that doesn't work. I love the graphics and the music and just the entire concept. It's sooo good!

  23. NormalPlayer737 says

    If I ever get a Switch, this will be the first game I'd buy.

  24. August Beermann says

    Can someone add bite to the game

  25. Elizabeth Bush says

    I was debating on buying this game im going to now😂

  26. Timetraveler_ 3005 says

    I GOT GOOSE SOCKS GUYS and may I add I went straight to this video

  27. Sylv14 says
  28. Lycan says

    With each tippy-tap of his tappers, he brings chaos. 12/10 love it.

  29. Naugahyde Bone Project says

    So innovative!

  30. Kit Wing says

    That goose likes to mess with other just for the fun of it

  31. Chris H says

    This game is the best waste of money ever! I take pride in tormenting the towns people in this game.

  32. Samuel Dominguez says

    I like goose

  33. MnQ says

    As an Australian from Melbourne, i can confirm our gooses are exactly like this 😂

  34. We need a sequel. Now

  35. Charlie Haffke says

    ah, yes. the REAL first strand type game.

  36. Ximena chamorro says

    Awww is awesome 🌝👌

  37. vic says


  38. Potato Bugg says

    Ah, the game that I finished, but never get bored of.

  39. Grégoire Gonzalez says

    tro kiki

  40. Godson Mvsic says

    This is exactly how these stupid MFers are in real life 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Sujirat Chongcharoen says

    Top 11

  42. miele chan says


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