Valheim coming to Game Pass – Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2022

  1. The Pale Greek says

    I really need them to drop this game right now. I can’t wait any longer, I’m so hyped to play this after watching hours of gameplay on pc.

  2. Nohl Gustafson says

    Will there be cross play?

  3. The Connex Box says

    Look forward to playing!

  4. Dennis Buswell says

    You've got this devs.

  5. Pepsi Richard says

    One of my favorite games, glad I'll finally be able to play it on the big screen

  6. Jason Rhune says

    Must have!

  7. Trippy SZN says

    Survival game? Looks decent just need to see more combat

  8. Uriel Septim says

    Seen this on NeebsGaming but they stopped playing it for now… #NeebsGaming

  9. tarfand game says


  10. Flashter says

    Had literally just looked up Valheim to see if it’d be something I’m interested in, glad to see it’s coming to gamepass

  11. Jethro Jaws Venice Salfarlie says

    Nice one.

  12. pHixiq says

    As an Xbox and pc player, valheim will go down as one of my favorite games ever. Can’t wait for Xbox players to get in on it !💯

  13. Caes3r says

    bruh 2023

  14. Nunn The Wiser says

    Awesome addition to the Xbox library. Something I can actually enjoy ☺️

  15. SmPauloCesar says


  16. Senpai Maikeru says

    Xbox do you know when we getting mount and blade 2 banner lords ?

  17. JokeJok says

    I love this game. But I don't understand: Why are you talking about GamePass when the game hasn't even been officially released???

  18. isai Hernandez Garcia says


  19. Wellplayed says

    Hopefully they will have full support unlike 7 days to die.

  20. Raccoon says


  21. DaddyPhilSR7 says

    Will there be an insider program for early testing?

  22. Papolo0 says

    20fps on every console ? sure

  23. Rusky Almond says

    Finally it's on consoles in Spring 2023.

  24. Father says

    so excited for this but don't want to wait till next year 😭

  25. Forget your Vanity says

    I've heard very good things about this game.
    Excited to finally be able to play it.

  26. seriously?!
    we are actually getting this title on console??

    I've been waiting for this. 🙂

  27. CHATHK says

    Kbm support needed please

  28. Mfn Enke says

    This was fantastic news. I hope it comes to both Xbox and series consoles but I plan to upgrade from my One X to the series X by the end of the year anyways

  29. Bruno Bucciarati says


  30. The Video Game Vault says

    Great game!

  31. Matha Wilson says

    i into love valheim game

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