Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Trailer – PC, PS4, Xbox One Release Date

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 has been announced and is releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in Q1 2020.

In Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 you must form uneasy alliances with the creatures who control Seattle in order to uncover the conspiracy that has caused a war between vampire factions.

– Become the Ultimate Vampire
– Descend into Seattle’s Dark Heart and Survive the Vampire Elite
– Enter into Uneasy Alliances
– Experience the Story

It’s up to you to decide which faction to side with, gaining traits and stories in the process. Be careful, though, as others will judge you by the company you keep. Bloodlines 2 is written by the creatives behind the original game and is said to bring the ambitions of the original to life.

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  1. asdrd ajiveb says

    This should be a game for the real fans, not a commercial money machine, we all know that the first game was the end of the Troika Games studio, so there is no reason to think they are doing this mostly for the money and not care about the none commercial parts.

  2. Ajax Johnson says

    My dick hasn’t been this hard in a decade…

  3. Jack Danials says

    Wow more than 1 year wait . Why did they release the trailer now. Ehhhhhh whyyyyyyyy

  4. MrSplashes says

    If there's no 3rd person camera option I won't buy it

  5. dylan pullock says

    Please please please be as good as the first one. Unofficial patched version of course

  6. Piper Sprague says


  7. Cydney King says

    Here’s to hoping for Tremere to be back!!!!!

  8. Shane Stewart says

    I so hope it's better than the 1st Bloodlines

  9. Pablo Warsong says

    If Rudi is in this game…I'll do whatever I can to bully him

  10. ULilBagel says

    I remember being little and seeing this game. I thought "oh this looks dark and broody.. my type of game" I can't tell you how many hours I spent wondering around just admiring the dark details that they included in it. I just want this one to be good and that scares me.. haven't felt that need for it to be successful since mass effect andromeda and that disappointed me hardcore.

  11. imraw17 says


  12. Marie-Andrea Gagné says

    I got a bad feeling about this… 1 year pre-order on steam? Cast into the city has a thin blood? So… Can i still chose my clan? Why am i forced to be a thin blood? Will it be a fps or can it be 3rd person if i want to? Will it be open world has it should? Is this going to be a vampire grand theft auto with an amazing story and clever atmosphere or will they cut everywhere making this into a shadow of what the original was? What about the voice acting and the crazy charismatic Malkovian's special dialogue? So few information… Do they have something to hide? The trailer shown here tells me nothing. If anything the trailer makes me more suspicious of the game… I'll definitely sit and wait this one out. I'm not even hoping for anything… I got a really bad feeling about this. Highly doubt they will be able to capture the greatness of the first game in all it's glory and improve on it with today's computing power.

  13. Leo Sabat says

    We may be a bunch of inmoral kindred but this truly took ages . Lets hope our love aged like fine wine and not , spoiled by modern gears of the machine , like milk . A drink for you all gentlemants and ladys of the night , a new Nightfall Is upon us . May the blood of Kain guide the makers hands in sinester embrace

  14. Sole Survivor says

    Wonder of that bloodtide is just for flavor, or if the tide is some kind of vampire prophecy.

  15. Sole Survivor says

    I hope this doesn't bomb. And if its as immersive as the first one with Badass combat in FP and TP, ill be quite pleased.

  16. WolfMaster says

    My prayers have been answered!

  17. Alan Falleur says

    I'm still curious who the narrator is supposed to be. Is she some elder vampire returning to North America from being overseas for a long time?

  18. MrPunkySkunk says

    0:34 Ain't that the guy from Sausage Party?

  19. Mr.Killer says

    FINALLY after 15 years of waiting

  20. faibarlinc999 says

    Ah sweet Jeanette…

  21. Devin Walters says

    I kinda wish they'd release the first game on console for those of us on the platform who are interested in it and never got the chance to play it.

  22. Jo S. says

    Holy s**t. Ive been praying to CAINE for 15 years now for this f*****g game ????? yessssssssssssss. My soul is READY!

  23. Moon Walk says

    Cautiously Optimistic.

    I don't know if that same energy and atmosphere is there as it was in the early 2000's. And while Paradox has had RPG elements in their games, the first bloodlines was a masterclass in RPG elements, and a huge reason why it has gotten it's cult following is because of the fact you truly felt like you were playing your own individual character from the ground up, and felt absolutely immersed in the atmosphere of the world. At least from what I can tell from the trailer, they got the musical direction somewhat down, but it seems like it may suffer from the "overcinamaticness" of a lot of modern games. The first Bloodlines was AMAZING at subtlety in it's music. I hope that's not lost.

    Them saying they're improving on the combat is actually kinda worrying to me. The combat was never the reason why you played Bloodlines. I would've been much more excited if they said they were doubling down on the RPG elements, and the atmosphere. I'm worried this might become a Mass Effect situation where a lot of player agency was stripped out of the game through it's sequels in order to include tighter combat and visuals for marketability. Paradox has to know that Bloodlines is extremely niche, and might not get the money to break even just from the audience of us that would be into it. My fear is that they are going to cater to a wider audience, especially when it's hella expensive to make a game now; much more expensive than it was back in 2004.

    I fucking love Bloodlines though. It's definitely top 5 of all time for me, just because it's a masterclass in immersion and letting the player truly embody a character. But I also know it flopped when it came out; and that the desire for a game like that is even less so now than it was back then. You may disagree, because we love the idea of this game so much that it's unfathomable that people would NOT want to play it, but the market is telling different stories. Deep RPG elements have been dwindling away because that's not what the market buys. It sucks, but it's true. You go through the top selling games on Steam, the only one you may find is going to be Divinity: Original Sin 2. But that's down there.

    I hope this game is great, but there is a lot of stuff against it right now.

  24. Alan Moraes says

    Um dos melhores jogos que já joguei até hoje. Um dos poucos que você joga e quer jogar novamente para misturar finais e usar habilidades. Muito sinistro.

  25. Arakellian Darksun says

    I'm not getting my hopes up last votm project I was looking at was supposed be an MMORPG and instead became a single player shit show

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