Video Game Console Collection by Mike Matei

video game systems

Mike Matei’s video game console collection!
I really wanted to discuss some game consoles I own that we haven’t talked much about before. So I’ve highlighted a few systems from my collection you may not have heard much about before and I hope you find it interesting if you’re into retro gaming.

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  1. Diego Amado Olivas Arana says

    Woah! just discovered some crazy consoles here! Nice video Mike!

  2. GSS1-Sirius says

    The discs for the Famicon seems like a really nice physical medium. Looks so satisfying to see them pop in like that.
    Imagine a modern version that could hold like 20Gb on each side.

  3. J. Frost says

    PC Engine is basically a Turbografx 16p

  4. ryan olson says

    I used to use Rinkya, and Jauce to import my Japanese replica guitars. Do you use a proxy service to import Japanese stuff or did you go there?

  5. ryan olson says

    The PC engine console is cool because the controllers us ps/2 IBM ports.

  6. ryan olson says

    Dragging Wang!

  7. ryan olson says

    I find it interesting that the twin famicon was made by Sharp, and not Nintendo. Was it licensed?

  8. Grant B says

    Got to think of some James and Mike challenge where they have to use the Game of Life PlayStation controller on some random PlayStation game (assuming it works on more than just the Life game).

  9. Ghost Killer says

    That game of life controller is fucking bizarre.

  10. HUGUINI says

    Wow my Friend. I have the same Commodore 64 Monitor plugged to my Super NES. IT looks Amazing. Greetings from Peru and Thanks for sharing your Personal Collection with us all.

  11. Stephen Ward says

    Bally Arcade controllers look like those vape pens ?

  12. Johnson Pink says

    Playing Dragon Wang?!?!?!

  13. M C says

    Can you get money for these consoles? Does Mike sincerely like having all these old consoles or does he just have them to make video game nerds feel good for having all of their old worthless systems, so he can get more Subscribers? That Kung Fu game is dumb. Throw it away. This stuff probably went into $300 per month storage after the video was made. Does Mike actually keep this stuff in his gameroom? That would be alright if he did. Does he want to open a museum some day? Call.

  14. Michael Adams says


  15. Dark Turtle Boss says

    very cool video mike

  16. David Butler says

    The keypad on that Bally Computer System looks strikingly similar to the keypad on Texas Instrument's TI-1250 calculator.

  17. Waggsmith Studios says

    The Bally computer system loads games just like an NES (hope it doesn’t corrode LOL)

  18. MonkeyHam says

    Nice collection man =) really cool.

  19. James Ventura says

    That N64 is so fucking cool

  20. thought criminal says

    wow a start and select button on the game of life controller, it's already a improvement over the dualshock 4

  21. Argy Bargy says

    I'm guessing he's got a blacklight as well

  22. kane rowe says

    thus ringing tho

  23. mike B says

    By the way for NeoGeo if you wanna do something for it talk to MetalJesus about it he knows a guy with games etc if you're looking for something or for a collab on the Console.

  24. Andres Pedraza says

    That last controller dude, so STUPID HAHAHAHAHA <3

  25. skulletor says

    Explains the B before A thing…In Japan B comes before A and 2 before 1

  26. Jarred Smith says

    You should get a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ system cause you can play any games from Atari to Ps1 on it.

  27. Bald Bird Barry says

    Two lop toaders

  28. Stephen Chase says

    I turn 32 on July 16th, yey me!!

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