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Build the resistance. Recruit anyone. Play as anyone.

Londoners are being oppressed by corrupt opportunists and it’s up to you to build a resistance to give the city back to the people.
With an entire population of potential recruits and the city’s technology at your fingertips, you’ll need to hack, infiltrate, and fight your way to a liberated London.

Out March 6th 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia



  1. Jeferson Souza says

    Coloquem mods brasileiros por favor Ubisoft! Muito obrigado!☺

  2. Ozan Ozdemir says

    Me: boss can i go home
    Me:Watch dogs legion came out
    Boss: sure take my car!!!!

  3. Mr Emz says

    We need knifes

  4. Neval Gaming says

    I miss aiden so much , I hate this characters

  5. Violinist Cuber says

    All i know is that the soundtrack better be as good as the other WD games

  6. Reuben Dias says

    The new Brexit game looks great guys

  7. kuncoro hadi says

    they put their pre-purchase game in Epic Games Store .Wtf. i mean you know what i'm talking about

  8. Qiblox says

    Just gonna buy WD1 again tbh

  9. Syndicate says

    Ok . Why is soo many blacks only .

  10. thybigballs says

    March 6th 2020 release date? Meh.

  11. not important says

    Would love to see Defalt as the main antagonist of this.

  12. RaceGod SRT says

    Why do I have to wait a year it looks like your done now

  13. Mark Fernando says


  14. Agent 47 says

    Watch dogs 1: legendary

    Watch dogs 2: uncommon

    This: exotic

  15. Waqar Saeed says

    Watch Dogs Legion: Your objective is to takeover London

    London: Ah sh*t here we go again.

  16. H. Huurman says


  17. Eronildes Oliveira says

    Ubisoft, meu sonho é ser um youtuber, mas não tenho qualquer videogame, PC, câmera ou celular que tenha câmera borrada, você pode me ajudar?

  18. mikakami93 says

    Aiden Pierce is masterpiece character

  19. Absolute Spy says

    I want that f**king pig mask anyways!

  20. Tackler Gamer says

    Make it's minimum ram 4gb so the one who don't have more ram like me so that they can play

  21. Peter Doors says

    The parliamentary expenses board game I'm bored already ha ha ha utter piss take ,

  22. Anguisette says

    So, going for Saints Row level of absurdity? I'm ok with this

  23. SrDecaf says

    Imagine if they had south bank skate space bruh that’ll be sick

  24. A cidades dos Games says

    O Ubisoft que isso?

  25. Gt Best says

    They said I can recruit everyone. Just need to recruit the frye's twin and queen and I'm gonna be fine.

  26. Bogdan Claudiu Balas says

    I wonder If you lose youre favorite character, cann you some how find him again

  27. Saikmhook says

    Thank god i will buy my xbox one S at november and play it alot (pré order is cool)

  28. Wop03 says

    Honestly a bit hype

  29. Seluncur Yt says

    I hope there is marcus,aiden and dedsec 🙁 but in london

  30. Aziz Bello says

    I‘m not trusting you Ubisoft.The game will never be like this.Look at The Division E3 2013 and now

  31. DDGS says

    Assassin's Creed Unity, but with smartphones. lmao

  32. DDGS says

    More like… Assassin's Creed Unity, but in the future.

  33. DDGS says

    There better be a lot of grandmas to recruit so that I can create a proper resistance.

  34. Soo this is becoming more like fast and furious saga.. from a realistic concept to full blown action 90 movies..

  35. Frei Bylander says

    Post Brexit ??

  36. Chicken Speed says

    i love recruiting games, I hope you do a mission with each person you recruit even if you have some repeating missions

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