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Watch Dogs: Legion is now out!
Get an exclusive inside look at Watch Dogs: Legion and discover how incredible the game looks on Xbox Series X.

Watch Dogs: Legion is now available on Xbox One & Xbox One X. The next gen version of the game will premiere on Xbox Series X, on November 10th.
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  1. Crisdude 1 says

    is ray tracing automaticly on or what because im not seeing it in settings

  2. Peter Staples says

    If only it would save progress on Series X. Great game ruined by broken saves. Regularly losing hours of gameplay. ☹️

  3. Bladerunner2043 says

    is it native 4K ?

  4. Lord ChankaXKhan says

    This video doesn’t really explain much to be honest. Why not have a separate 60fps mode without ray tracing like Spider-Man miles Morales?

  5. Jeremy Bennett says


  6. Archivist42 says

    I started playing on my Xbox One X, game was fun but I did feel like the performance was a bit inconsistent especially while driving. I've decided to wait for next week to enjoy the rest of the game on Xbox Series X, as the developer says apparently it's a consistent 30fps here which is great. Plus ray tracing of course

  7. Mzwakhe LaSean says

    GTA V: We can swap characters
    Watch Dogs Legion: Am i a joke to you

  8. KENSHIMA15 says

    Disliked because Ubisoft need to learn to optimize better

  9. David Lucas says


    meu pau.

  10. Louie P. says

    30fps really?!
    Not even 60fps damn
    What a next gen consoles power it is….

  11. S L says

    Did they try to say that 30 fps cinematic experience again.. 😆😆

  12. Jaystilo29 says

    These developers all have such punch-able faces. 30 fps is absurd. Do what needs to be done to keep games at 60fps.

  13. Daley says

    Your loading time is the worst.

  14. Josejuse says

    Are you joking??? 30 fps??

  15. datbeasleyboy says

    I know developers are stoked over ray tracing but damn its raining everyday and there are puddles everywhere for no f,n reason even in dry conditions. Use it where it makes since damn

  16. xjohnny1000 says

    Ray tracing is a hard sell because game developers have been faking it for so long, it almost looks the same. This tech just needs to fade into the background and maybe we can focus on something else– like maybe gameplay.

  17. kabalcage says

    Am I crazy or does this video look better than what my 3080 is doing?

    Besides lousy performance on pc, maybe there’s some bullshotting going on here? This game at 4k60 blown up on a tv looks kind of bland (especially during the day). I don’t know what kind of trickery is going on here but this honestly looks better than my game running on a pretty high end pc.

  18. DoxYaGran says

    PS5 gonna have better exclusives PlayStation always does. .

  19. Pro Noobs says

    What about snow

  20. Farzam says

    again xbox is campaigning on the wrong game,

  21. unsorted guy says

    Is there a performance mode? I honestly don't want to play with 30 fps.

  22. Django says

    30 fps. ciao.

  23. Angel Meza says

    I bet it will downgrade when it’s releases

  24. JDog36 says

    So long as the game doesn’t keep crashing its all good

  25. RedHunter says

    Can't wait to play it on the monster eater Series X 😍

  26. dainco08 says


  27. Kratos 83 says

    According to Beyond3d the Game and Assassin's Creed Valhalla runs at a Dynamic Resolution, most of the time at 1440p. You can find the News everywhere. Here you have a link. What you say about that Ubisoft??? "According to Beyond3D, Watch Dogs Legion runs with a dynamic resolution on the Xbox Series X"

  28. Petr Vinklarek says


  29. Pramola Pavlacuk says

    Please save czech subtitles in ubisoft games

  30. Anjalle Corraya says

    Cant wait to play all the games on my PS5

  31. Patrick Magee says

    Why not 4k with raytraying and dlss? 4k 30fps on a 60fps tv or monitor…is it xbox series x hardware limitation or because they had to optimise for various devices and didnt get time to make it 60fps?

  32. ste303 says

    a consistant 30FPS is not a selling point on a next gen console UBISOFT. fix it.

  33. هيثم الغامدي says

    All this does not matter when the game is running on 30 frames

  34. Yasharahla Powell says

    I'm buying day 1 for the Series X

  35. Robert White says

    30fps really?

  36. Side_ Kick says

    WHAAAAT 4K and 30fps ?????? This is never a Next gen Power shame on you 🤦‍♂️

  37. 1440p 30fps 🤣😂😂

  38. Alex Z says

    Ray tracing is also pretty new as is this hardware. In the future devs may find ways to optimize series x to run 4k 60 fps and rt. Either way, I like the options. Looks good

  39. Just 1 says

    I really hope this game look as interesting as this

  40. Peterson L says

    Looks great. Good job Ubi

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