Weird West – Official Gameplay Trailer | ID@Xbox

  1. Patrick Mahomes's arm says

    Such an underrated game.

  2. Duchess Van Hoof says

    I am getting a blend of Wasteland and Darkest Dungeon vibes from this, which is an excellent thing.

  3. Old Gunners says

    Very very good game !

  4. webbe veep says

    Looks terrible.

  5. Do you have Diabeetus? says

    Love the max Payne jumpes

  6. BrudnyRobert says

    Looks like "hard west" on steroids

  7. RedTheCrimson says

    Gimme a switch releeeease

  8. Norman Strong says

    Devolver is everywhere right now!!!

  9. jgmal says

    Gamepass é vida

  10. jgmal says

    Game pass is live

  11. Rj Rawlings says

    I needs this lol

  12. Drew Russell says

    Ohhh I'm looking forward to this one.

  13. Dee Jaay says

    this looks so much better than elden ring

  14. Sam Jackson says

    Its not listed in the store as a Game Pass game.

  15. Lowell Prevost says

    Deadlands… The weird west… So stoked

  16. Kodesuper says

    lets kill some demons and draw pentagrams with pig blood

  17. Michael Schneider says

    Pre ordering it now

  18. Вертобрёд says

    Furry like this

  19. Shark_bytes_ says

    Game pass is a surprise. Excited for this one!

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