Which Video Game Do You Love That NOBODY Talks About?

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We all have our favourite video games, but those we cherish the most are usually never discussed. So how about we shed some light on great titles left by the wayside? #ChattyFaces.

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  1. andy potter says

    I also traded in my copy of Ghostbusters along with marvel vs capcom 3 when I bought my ps4 and have regretted it since. Tried to buy them again a few times but go for ridiculous prices for an Xbox 360 game. Ghostbusters is still one of the best licensed games ever made imo

  2. Dan Meduna says

    Thumbs up for hating H P

  3. Jason James says

    Strangelhold on PS3. Also Resistance on PS3 is also forgotten about.

  4. aurochtamer says

    Chakan: The Forever Man. Also Cyborg Justice

  5. Tremayhem M says

    Tobal No. 1

  6. Spread the Vegemite says

    I remember Unirally, great game

  7. MoonLitKnight says

    Courier Crisis ps1.. That rocket bike!!

  8. lgressley1 says

    Gauntlet dark legacy which ngl i might go play right now.

  9. Carl Meff says

    Need a little heardbreak? The PSNow catalogue has Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime from 2011, which sucked, but not the awesome 2008 one.

  10. Jared Richie says

    While they're both cult classics, Legend of Dragoon and Golden Sun ARE still not talked about enough. Golden Sun was my favorite portable Rpg franchise besides Pokemon with its gameplay, music, plots, characters, setting, and lore. Legend of Dragoon meanwhile was an amazing one hit wonder for similar reasons that keeps that status because Sony won't do anything with it. Also LoD gets points for its idea for dragon design.

  11. Das Jennings says

    Sleeping dogs. It’s so underrated and a whole lot better than GTA V in my opinion. Also the Yakuza franchise.

  12. ExOtIcHyPnOtIc83 says

    Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. Sierra made some real bangers back in the day. Also BloodWake. Battle boats!

  13. Devin Faucette says

    I really enjoyed The Painscreek Killing's. Nobody's heard of it. But it is fantastic

  14. Sarah Court says

    Maybe I am just too old, but I gotta fo with Super Mario 6 Golden Coins on OriginL Gameboy. That lego level 😘

  15. Carl Keelee says

    He hates Harry Potter but loves Looney Toons? Is this guy 70 years old?

  16. Rune212 says

    Where did the bald guy go

  17. William Atherton says

    Future Cop!

  18. Paulo pH says

    For PC, that would be "Outcast", a great predecessor of open-world games, and "Septerra Core; Legacy of the Creator".

    For consoles, I'll stick with "Black" and "Legend of Dragoon", both awesome games.

  19. chris says

    Damn i remember playing the bulletstorm demo and being instantly hooked.

  20. DuckyDae X says

    The Bratz games series! Honestly I was so happy back in the day with my wee pink PS2-Slim playing through the animated movie tie-ins.

    Also, Tom & Jerry House Trap was the game I got bundled in with my original chunky PS2, along with Spider-Man 2.

    Can confirm it was a riot but so much fun.

  21. Strapping Young Ladam says

    I know this videos old but for me it's either Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 or The PS2 Scooby Doo platformers, Night of 100 Frights, Mystery Mayhem etc. Especially night of 100 Frights because it's just like playing a long episode of Scooby Doo where are you which is my favorite cartoon ever made.

  22. J.O.R.D says

    Tom&Jerry: House TrapπŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  23. micky engy says

    Bulletstorm is so underrated maybe Discworld and klonoa would have been mine

  24. Reign Wolf says

    Gauntlet dark legacy, .Hack series before GU, and YuGiOh duelist of the roses.

  25. Josh Mc loughlin says

    Does anyone know Mark ecos getting up it's my favourite game to this day and I hear nothing of it

  26. chris ayling says

    Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura was a fantasitc game that dont think gets enough love.

  27. Corey Martin says

    Die Hard Arcade for the Sega Saturn (Weird, Josh just mentioned Bruce Willis JUST as I wrote that).

    Not only was it a great fighting game for the time, with all sorts of weapons, hand-to-hand combat, environmental interaction (you could pick up anything and throw them at people), etc., but it's a GREAT co-op game!

    It had one amazing feature, though. In the main menu, you could play this simple little 2D game where you're a ship that drops depth charges that you have to time to hit submarines because they're really slow. Getting certain amounts of points gives you extra continues on the main game. Genius.

  28. Christopher Newby says

    Yggdra Union, love that game and no one ever even mentions it even though it's amazing. Seriously check it out if you're a fan of Tactical Turn based games. There's also 2 sequels for psp that are great too even if you can't understand what they're saying.

  29. Michael Lochrie says

    Bit late to this one haha but wasn't the Bruce Willis one called apocalypse?

  30. The Skull Merchant says

    Shrek super slam ps2

  31. Neil muffler says

    Paper boy or loom for pc

  32. FecalMattur says

    The Suffering and Suffering Ties that Bind. All-time great horror games that no one talks about. They were fun af with the right amount of jump scares, ammo wasn't abundant, and the story was awesome. Killer plot twist too

  33. fearless bros says

    Kirby super star ultra is my game

  34. Jack Garrison says

    May He Rest in Peace but Max Von Snadow played as The Voice for The Evil Painting Guy in Ghost Busters 2

  35. Jack Garrison says

    Rest in peace Harold Ramis

  36. Jack Garrison says

    I never saw The Remake of Ghost Busters but it LOOKED ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!

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