White Snake Official International Trailer (NEW 2019) Animation Fantasy HD

  1. Leah/Twilight Wolves 100 says

    Yet ik Balnca means white but dang so awesome!:D

  2. Ranou Sha says

    Is that normal that i had the song « move like a snake » in the head the hole Times of this trailer😂?

  3. Chamila Lekam Arachchige says

    Beautiful 🙂

  4. esperCELL says

    WTF now they ran out of ideas and taking chinese novel to make movies? go make an animated condor heroes trilogy next lmao

  5. zerado says

    Snake Snyke

  6. Uncrowned King says

    nice drama but better in live action with great cgi from tencent

  7. BenZhen本真 says


  8. Probinsyang Mukbang says

    I just want to see the trailer….Wow this is nice..I already have the link to download it

  9. Nikolaos Skordilis says

    Potentially a great story with a lot of promise clearly wasted by crappy, early '90s quality CGI animation… What a waste .. If the Chinese are unable to do proper CGI animation (and very few can even in Japan, perhaps only Orange) maybe they should stick to 2D cel animation instead?

  10. Ephraim del mar says

    after this movie are they going to eat them ?

  11. Wade kofela says

    i just watched this las night, Twice! lol

  12. Abam Long says

    copy from frozen… made in china

  13. Chkhitoooo says

    1:28 Track 🆔❓

  14. Rosetta horse says

    I'd like the sequel now please

  15. Pritam Mollik says

    She looks like a ice dragon❄❄🐲🐉

  16. Jean Jack Beaupainx says

    Looking forward to watching this. I love stories about chinese mythology.

  17. White Snake says

    Where can i watch this? hellppppp

  18. Nwabueze Moses Ogonnaya says

    Please when is the cartoon movie coming?

  19. Cenere Micol says

    Does anyone know if this will ever have a chance to be on Netflix at some point? I don't think it was featured at the cinemas in my country and I sadly don't think it ever will…

  20. Nishan Rai says

    Was white snake 2 comes 💓💓💓

  21. TKTsunami says

    Really, I want to watch this movie… I'm from germany and I would watch this even with englich sub. But I don't know if the movies will ever be watchable in my country… I don't get any information when this movie is for home cinema… I hope very soon.

  22. QueenAerith Grace says

    When I first watched “The Sorcerer and the White Snake” or* “Jet Lee and the White Snake” I cried so much.. it was a very sad love story as well as a Beautiful Movie.And now they are making an Animation of it..I can’t wait to see this.. 😢🥺❤️💔🥺❤️💕🙏

  23. Wen Wang says

    Bravest man ever, he fucked a snake.

  24. TheFalseKingslayer says

    Interesting remake to make…

  25. Ayie Toek says


  26. Jade Brimhall says

    when and where is this playing in America?

  27. gamer device says

    can i watch full movie from europe? free if possible

  28. Alexandra Koo says

    I want to watch this eng dubbed so baaaad

  29. Brother Sky says

    아오먼 징지두창 썅씨엔러 랑 목소리가똑같네 ㅋㅋ

  30. Brother Sky says

    요즘 유행하는 C뷰티인가요? ㅋㅋ

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