WHO'S YOUR DADDY?! coming to XBOX Game Preview 5th of January!

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We’re happy to announce that your favorite parent simulator Who’s Your Daddy?! will be released on Xbox as a Game Preview Friday the 5th of January.

Make blended babies, take a dip in the pool or ride Fudge in true couch-game style with up to 4 players locally or 8 players online.

See you on the couch!

Discord: https://discord.gg/whosyourdaddy
Webpage: https://eviltortillagames.com/
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/whosyourdaddygame/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhosYourDaddyGame/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tortilla_Games


  1. Aloof says

    bro this song is such a banger man mathias makes some good music

  2. Văn Ngọc Nguyễn says


  3. Văn Ngọc Nguyễn says


  4. Aiii Aiii says

    مالك وين لقيته

  5. Raystarbazzar 1995 says

    “A good game poses a philosophical question.
    A masterpiece does it right in the title.”

  6. eXe08 says

    When ps4

  7. The Shy Guys says

    is the xbox version crossplatform with the steam version?

  8. Nala Gamez says

    Yup I got it but it doesn't let me play it 😕

  9. Mr. Bones says

    Ahh the who's your daddy trailer But there is no censorship!

  10. TheSmug37 says

    Is it crossplay with Xbox and PC?

  11. Vegimak says


  12. zaim alikhan says

    I really want to play this but this game is exclusive and we need to buy it so pls it for free 🙁

  13. Maria Castillo says


  14. topher316 says

    whats it about?

  15. gianno says

    danwload pleaseee

  16. Alex ඞ says

    Me buy it is very funny

  17. Hugozplays says

    It took you this long to add it to Xbox!?

  18. MW Mobile says

    Just commenting before the normies see this, and it becomes a national news story.

  19. Itzz yasmin the cookie says

    is it also on ps4? i cant find it anywhere! :C

  20. Legamen says

    I hope it comes to playstation

  21. Why kids mad says

    Where are car keys

  22. Xscape David says

    We need this game on Nintendo Switch, please xD

  23. 🥝 Kiwi 🥝 says

    What does it mean by preiview

  24. GustavoMugnainiGameplay says

    bought the game today

  25. Gregory Grossman says

    This game is amazing – xbox player

  26. Zsolt Fülöp says

    Miért kellett ebbe a korba születnem Istenem?! Büntess máshogy..

  27. John White says

    😍 P-R-O-M-O-S-M!!!

  28. Harley Cummins says

    It's coming to xbox

  29. ?? says

    Would be perfect for gamepass

  30. V00iD Less says

    played it some minutes ago online with some strangers and it was Hilariously funny

  31. ESPADA says

    Can u play with PC or ps4 players?

  32. JOSHI says

    When are the other rooms open

  33. Mr Jackson says

    A brainwashing game for kids … 😂 Be prepared

  34. РЖАВЫЙ ГВОЗДЬ says

    One question, you port this game on nintendo switch?

  35. CarrotKuRBoi says

    Can you play the 2015 version on Xbox?

  36. Drill Hammer says

    Hi. I did buy the game though the xbox. My kid wanted to play online and it looks i have to get monthly pass for £10 a month to play that game. Is it right?

  37. Bryan S says

    This looks like the most disturbing yet hilarious game I've ever seen.

  38. Adam says

    The game is awesome, were bored yesterday after finishing some coop game, tried it out with a small group, and it turned into a 5-man lobby in no-time. Have been playing till we were too tired to continue, laughing the entire time. Would love a gamemode where daddy has tasks to do while the babies try to die, instead of the time limit / baby wins. Having to cook a meal with a baby eating the ingredients, or mowing the lawn while it tries to get under the mower sounds like a great gameplay loop.

  39. Gambino says

    Game is unreal, looking forward to upstairs finishing. Possibly more levels. Hilarious. My kids and I are having a blast playing, so many laughs.

  40. Flubsy says

    Will this be on ps4 I’ve waited 5 years hoping it will be

  41. Impressive Measures says

    I copped it right away. Braindead entertainment, I love it!

  42. D Whimple says

    Can you add more rooms again. The upstairs needs to be added back. And I just realized will there be a camping update? Near the fences I found the under construction tape. You might be already working on the camping update. If you are here is some suggestions bears, lake, hunting, bees, and a sea monster in the lake that will have to be summoned.

  43. JM says

    I love this game

  44. LPPBR says


  45. Gabrieltale says

    Nintendo switch next!

  46. Pedantic Malingerer says

    Looks so fun haha 😂

  47. Brux Noob says


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