Why You Should Buy a PS Vita in 2019! | UNBOXING & REVIEW |

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Out for 7 years now, the PS Vita wasn’t the most successful handheld for Sony. But should you still buy it?

Buy the Vita here: https://amzn.to/2SFYxSJ

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  1. Tech Savvy Buyer says

    Hey guys YouTube is taking its sweet time processing this video to 4K. Sit tight and it should be ready soon! 😎

  2. OCDgamer says

    I'm a console gamer, I game on ps4 pro and series x, but I'd like to get a handheld again soon. I just don't know a lot about the ps vita, and how big the library of games is for it.

  3. Jerry4050 says

    You know what sucks to get a good price with less scuffs is to order it in Japan in 2022. I skipped this handheld because of the overpriced memory card in 2012. I just ordered one in Japan I hope its in mint condition since theres no stores at all they have a vita even the 2000 model

  4. ❤️TakeYouHeart❤️ says

    Persona 4 golden

  5. OT Dream says

    oled boys wya

  6. Junior Avilez says

    Just got a silver ps vita for $115 plus tax ,was considering getting the old versuon for $100 cus it included a 32gb,but I've had issues with the old model , ans already have a memory card ,but damn that was cheap considering 32gb memory cards are $80+ o well

  7. D J bhai 😎Opp says

    Psvita kitne ka hai

  8. MrBo Jangles says

    4:37 "So, hacking it doesn't necessarily mean that the only thing you're gonna be able to do is put game backups and play pirated games…that's not what it's all about.
    What you'll actually be able to do with this now is load PlayStation One games, PSP games, and you'll be able to load Super Nintendo games, Sega Genesis games."

    Wait a minute. Aren't THOSE still considered backups and pirated games? Think I need to go lie down somewhere.

  9. u4site 4u2 says

    I have the same problem I'm wondering since the switch to is being talked about should I sell the switch that I have now and I'm getting very close to seeing you and selling it and just sitting that money somewhere until the new one comes out that way I'm only going to have to pay a little more than half

  10. u4site 4u2 says

    Doesn't make sense unless you already have a library of games because there were probably shut down the Play store too for the Vita I'm looking at the same thing and wondering the same thing

  11. LJ gaming tamil says

    Where you brought

  12. Dark Blader says

    u mean the switch?

  13. Zeeshan Khan says

    Ps vita wasn't a failure sony failed it

  14. Dark3stShad0w says

    tbh Sony should try making another handheld because they have more tech than ever like the ps5 is dropped they made last ps4 games and everything so they should try to make another handheld

  15. OfficialxSIlentry says

    i just bought a modded ps vita on ebay excited to get it

  16. Adam Maddox says

    I just bought the same aqua blue one off ebay earlier today. Does anyone know if you can use it with your Ps5 are not?

  17. norm juniper says

    Why we getting recommended this in 2021,might be a sign to buy one finally

  18. Wilmer Clotter says

    I bought a ps vita from Japan recently and it just came. So I switched everything to the American way or I think I did. But when I remote play with my ps4 it goes back to the japan version and even games I play on the vita itself. Can someone help me switch it so I can play the games with the American way. Mainly the X button being enter and the O button being back. It does it on the main menu n stuff but not during game play. Please help. I'm starting to regret buying a japan version

  19. paresh Mehta says

    Big fan sir

  20. RigaRiggleMan XTV says

    is that the box with a bundled memory card?

  21. Jose Martinez says

    Do you Jailbreak PS Vita for a fee or do you know a place that can jailbreak and add games?

  22. Peter Adakole says

    Thanks for recommending me to #Calid_hack# on iG he unbanned my PlayStation Network successfully…

  23. Peter Adakole says

    Thanks for recommending me to #Calid_hack# on iG he unbanned my PlayStation Network successfully…

  24. Jaden cruz says

    I had the psp 1000 then the psp 2000, and after a year later got the psp 3000. I stop buying the psp consoles because monster hunter was my most favorite game and the new monster hunter generation didn't come out on the ps vita, so thats my reason.

  25. VF28WWE says

    I bought one 4days ago and already modified it with your video

  26. Ibby Sting says

    The PSP vita slide up was the best one

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