Will the Avengers Video Game Be Marvel's Destiny? – IGN Now

  1. Nobody says

    i want lego whole series of MCU

  2. Abdur Rahman says

    I would prefer a simple singleplayer game. ?

  3. Fen Rir says

    If its By Square Enix Its Most Likely a RPG. Im Hoping We can make our own Custom Heros in a Story Rich RPG. After Spiderman Im Hoping Marvel can Get another Win.

  4. Tom wells says

    So what you are saying is that this video was pointless?

  5. karl moore says

    Lets hope not because destiny was a pile

  6. Arek Lipka says

    Marvel Warframe > Marvel Destiny

  7. 권순모 says

    What's about justice league the videogame action adventure?

  8. Built2Fast says

    Sometimes speculation should just be left to nothing and folks should wait until there is a reveal in a few days – just saying

  9. Gee Status says

    ??This New Avengers Game? Coming Out Is Gonna Do Damage?Like Hulk's Gamma??Crush?

  10. Joop Opa says


  11. theavenger927 says


  12. Krypt says

    Going to be like diablo watch ?

  13. Dark Night says

    It will be a mobile game.

  14. Dark Night says

    Guess it will be like subway surfers.
    That is also continuous single player

  15. RazzleDazzle HD says

    probably like a mix of DC universe online and Ultimate Alliance.

  16. Awesome Adam says

    I don't want to be in a team full of Captain America's though

  17. Sahil Gupta says

    I love destiny 2but only because i got it free of ps ➕. Might not want to put money when i dont have much friends to play with

  18. oh yeah yeah says

    I swear if this is a mobile game plus I need to see some gameplay

  19. Dog On Dog Action says

    Whatever it is, I hope it's not a cash grab.

  20. KedwaK says

    DC UNIVERSE ONLINE: Marvel Version? Anyone?

  21. Limerion says

    Please be a Destiny???

  22. Mário Bárbara says

    Maybe it’ll be kinda like ultimate aliance with a lego-like open-world to explore…

  23. Charlie Angel says

    Avengers game like Destiny? NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

  24. Future Imperfect says

    If he started talking without his hands, it would probably kill him.

  25. Callum Jennings says

    A successor to Marvel Heroes Omega that isn't the same would be nice.

  26. Sanjiv V says

    The new game seems cool and all but Daemon's t-shirt is my favorite part the video

  27. Wason Films says

    Did someone say destiny?

  28. RICOFRITO says

    Continuous single-player…

    It's an idle clicker game with micro-transactions that you can show off to friends!

    Oh, but don't forget those sweet, sweet, cinematic cut-scenes.

  29. Tein Wenting says

    Will it be for pc?

  30. James Straus says

    marvel / anthem

  31. The Vbuck says

    A game like destiny with marvel put into the mix is something i would only see in my dreams

  32. Brandon Gallant says

    This game is going to be massive I think it’s really underrated how big this game will be

  33. Jamie Baxter says

    My interest in this went down with all the talk that it will be another games as a service. No thanks

  34. Ken March says

    Battle Royale

  35. Anthony Czarnecki says

    Whatever it is, it halted development on Deus Ex, so it better be worth it.

  36. De'Kristian Willis says

    Better not be like destiny more like marvel spiderman

  37. The Pineapple says

    Please don't be like dcuo

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