WOLFENSTEIN YOUNGBLOOD Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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WOLFENSTEIN YOUNGBLOOD Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC / Switch
Release date : July 26th 2019
© 2019 – Bethesda Softworks

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  1. royalfresh says

    co-op??? yes please!!

  2. S G M de Paz says

    Propaganda feminista => Juego a la basura
    Así entenderán que las feministas no juegan a estos juegos, pero nosotros sí y son a los que deberían hacernos caso.

  3. E M says

    Is Bethesda anti-women? Blazko is a chad, yet they made his daughters bellow-average looking goblins. Wtf, women can't be pretty these days because the feminist slobs that don't even play games don't like it?

  4. W H says

    I'm fuckin livid. I was actually really hyped to watch the trailer and I get some bullshit forced diversity. There's no wolfenstein without blazkowickz

  5. luske2 says

    I so hope we will get the mecha-Hitler boss fight in this game!

  6. Kelley Boi says

    Guys it’s ok for girls to be main characters, Ik it hurts yalls ego to not be some super muscular dude but it’s ok to play a chick sometimes.

  7. mecrop12 says

    I like these games for the story, but it is always the same guns, same mechanics, and rarely a change of scene.

  8. Texas Red says

    This is just a clip from the longer first trailer.

  9. dodo2208 says

    not going to say this game sucks or anything but it aint worth the fullprice those games are ment to be bought for small money unlike real big games like the witcher 3 where every penny was worth it

  10. LoneWalker says

    Wolfenstein: Young Feminist

  11. Rogue _O says

    but they were the good guys…

  12. MarquisVonMonster says


  13. Ka el says

    The only thing I ask is that this kids have brutal takedowns similar to Doom guy and Blasquet

  14. The Antagonist says

    My money is on DooM Eternal. I am done with Wolfenstein, Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Halo and other etceteras.

  15. Zamal says

    Is this dlc or sjwlc?

  16. tfw no name says

    Sjwstein: the young soy

  17. Винни Пух says

    Wolfenstein 76

  18. Chuck La Cuck says

    Lame and waste of good song

  19. 3D-Steps Studio says

    As usual Fiminism (again). They put girls everywhere now … 😉
    Won't surprise new DOOM will be finisim with PINK colors .
    World really become crazy .. (illogical world).

  20. TacticalBacon666 says

    Something tells me im not gonna like either one of them in the game, not because there not gonna handle well but mostly cuz they're annoying

  21. mr. Jack says

    Not enough diversity checks, gotta fill all of them. Better wait for DOOM Eternal

  22. Jesse Peterson says

    Ok so let's see what we have here.

    2 sisters….check
    Strong female role models…check
    Covered up….check
    Alternate ww2 aftermath…check
    Alright looks like we got a game that everyone can enjoy more then battlefield 5……

    Show hands who believes SJWS are gonna be outraged at…

    A. The girls are not transgender
    B. There are LITERAL NAZIS in this game but they can't tell a real one from a stormtrooper.
    Or C. It doesn't represent enough ethnic diversity….and both girls are white Americans with (remind me if I'm wrong here. haven't played the series in a while) a bit of European in them.

  23. James Legrand says

    One of em Will probable die

  24. taimer mega says

    What a bullshit game

  25. Cry FapEye says

    Про феминисток-лесбиянок?

  26. GAME game says


  27. This is Linner says

    I prefer the old and badass B.J Blazkowickz

  28. Lorenzo Buono says


  29. William B.J Blaskowicz says

    SQUAD UP!!!!!

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