WORLD WAR Z Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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WORLD WAR Z Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
© 2019 – Saber Interactive

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  1. rEzA Kalantar says

    Great movie
    Poor Game

  2. Batman says


  3. Alan McClane says

    Totally heard 'dad 76 XD

  4. Midway 1942 says

    Isn't this tiein WWZ game at least 5 years late ?

  5. TheMasterOfAllStuff says

    Looks ok.

    I think the PVP will be boring but the zombies should be intresting kinda like a left 4 dead clone.

  6. Angry Rick C-137 says

    Yo Nintendo get in on this

  7. Alejandro Salvidres says

    I'll rather play days gone, this looks like it's gonna suck.

  8. LoneWalker says

    Epic Store exclusive ? Shove it up ur ass!!!!

  9. Black Samurai 76 says

    Oh dear god.

  10. Louis Kelemen says

    Epic Games store?
    This too?!

  11. BasicHaddock4 says

    Let's gooo, can't wait

  12. Frederik the Wolfman says

    Those moving animations are a little messed up. Remember the last time someone used a license to make a video game?

  13. Body Rabii says


  14. Butt3rF1n says

    It reminded a long ago played game: The Club

  15. That Guy Again says

    "wanna play another zombie…."

    YES i wanna play another zombie game, fuck off Joe

  16. Pablo Velez says

    When is the released date?

  17. sub 2 Garry says

    I buy it i mean a Survival Game with Zombies?! Best Game ever !

  18. Pablo Velez says

    Lets get it!!!

  19. Kapunology says

    Release date?

  20. piken chakma says


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