WRC 9 The Official Game – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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WRC 9, the official video game of the FIA World Rally Championship is now available on Nintendo Switch! https://nintendo.com/games/detail/wrc-9-the-official-game-switch/

WRC 9 includes many improvements in vehicle behaviour, driving realism and new game modes – including Clubs, a free roaming zone to test cars’ settings, and an enriched Career Mode – allowing you to truly put yourself in the shoes of a rally driver. The Clubs Mode also offers the possibility to create your very own championships from A to Z, to compete with your friends or the community.

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  1. TheWheelMan says

    Its impressive on what they can do with the switch

  2. RayMusic says

    0:12 WTF? Microsoft?

  3. zukodude487987 says

    60fps? 🤨🤔

  4. Sweet Cat says

    Nunca crei que se veria este juego en nintendo switch XD

  5. HyruleGaming says

    gran turismo for switch

  6. wisnhu ariestanto says

    nintendo can please new voice characters diddy kong mario kart 8 deluxe update new 2021

  7. A.A.Akshara Bhushan says

    luigi mansion 1 remaster in nintendo switch

  8. Starlight D3møn says

    Nintendo you ruined SML!

  9. Starling says

    Please Nintendo buy Criterion and make Burnout Paradise Remastered 2

  10. n says


  11. Rabi Snail says

    How about you fix WRC 8 first?! This thing crashes if your switch is connected to the internet even while playing single player campaign. This thing should be pulled out of the e shop ASAP!

  12. Granzert says

    Will this game be released on cart in Europe?

  13. Vajk Asafotei says

    I searched for the game and a few hours later the trailer came out👀

  14. Yohan Masson says

    Can't wait to break the car direction, combinated to the joycon drift it'll true simulation !

  15. Tariq Yasiin says

    Is it good?

  16. Aqua Crew says

    How About Fix WRC 8 🙂

  17. The Void Magician says

    Why is it that the graphics in parts of the trailer look mediocre to ok, and other times the graphics look stellar?

  18. Lebudski says

    Hope this is the new switch they're releasing, do to the private negotiations with micro soft and xbox…..oops was that supposed to be a secret? Just seems like they're making the move ps won't sense it seems the best graphics nintendo has ever had. No offense nintendo, love ya

  19. Alex says

    Fast zoom outs, quick cuts and filters over switch footage to try to hide how bad this looks on switch, nice try though 😉

  20. Zayon01 says

    no pls, i love nintendo, i love switch.. but those games need graphics af its finest to get the best feeling

  21. Carsten says

    It looks awesome

  22. Di Kupo says

    Warum sieht man da immer nur ein Auto?

  23. TonyKanameKuran says

    Imagine what WRC 9 would look like on the New Nintendo Switch using NVIDIA's DLSS 2.0 4K resolution…

  24. catlance says


  25. Tio Jack says

    Baita jogo do primeiro ano do PS3.

  26. GK5_Honda says

    Uhm, but is this even switch gameplay?

  27. Keith Herring says

    I saw that microsoft logo on that car. Damn Nintendo. You and Microsoft really being chums. How bout you ask for the right to Banjo Kazooie so we can get some hd remasters and a brand new game

  28. Sith Trooper says

    Here is a new title to a new future switch game:

  29. mrvanimal says

    Game does not look this good during actual gameplay. Lots and lots of pop in and track details just randomly appearing. This trailer does not show that and falsely advertises the game. Nintendo has a much lower powered console and is trying to hide that fact with game trailers like this. For a decent Switch racing game, please see GRID Autosport.

  30. LugChang says

    You don't even have to drift yourself in this one. The Joycons already do it for you!

  31. JRR31984 says


  32. MAGIC6782 says

    I'm just gonna stick with Asphalt 9

  33. ・ Mohican says

    Noice ;

  34. Cynical2DD says

    I needed a rally game for on the go

  35. HAPPYMYSTIK says


  36. Donut Burger says


  37. Sif "Celly" Corner says


  38. Taiku Xie says

    some was order this coolest car from wrc 9 the official that was the best. 😌👍🚗

  39. P. M. says

    Nice xbox 360 game

  40. Hamza Benandellah says

    Pliz résident evil 2 remaque

  41. Keith2800 says

    Give us analog buttons!!!

  42. KennyFromThaA says

    Grid is better…. and cheaper

  43. Dev Mathur says

    Samir dlc pls?
    Triple Caution!!!!!!

  44. Curtis Pereira says

    Thinking this is looking sick bruh

  45. 1stAid says

    Looks like Switch's closest thing to Forza

  46. SALvAS says

    c o o l

  47. J millz 21 says

    Welp time bring my rally racing experience back into play

  48. Blue Moon says

    Let's gooooo hypeeee

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