Wreckfest Console Release Trailer

  1. you did an oopsie doopsie ok says

    As ya'll can see, this game does not like clean racing

  2. Bing Bop says

    what’s the song called

  3. KBGunner01 says

    Does this give anyone else Flatout 1 and 2 memories

  4. Rabbit's Gaming Arts says

    While we wait for Forza Motorsport 8 we have this.

  5. Exalore Kho says


  6. Daniel Volosin says

    Play on realistic damage! It's the only way…

  7. Zer_Alex HD says

    Goose bumps every 2 sec9nds

  8. CMort760 says

    Looks like it’ll be fun as hell….for about 30 mins 😂

  9. JCG 88 says

    can't wait to play this game

  10. Hi There says

    This reminds me of black ops 2

  11. Jay says

    Awesomely fun derby with realistic driving aspects to it. Great work Bugbear…👍👍

  12. Meher Mohith says

    Reminds of crashday!!

  13. GTX 1050 Games & Benchmarks says

    Far cry 5 theme?. Am i hearing things?. Wtf

  14. Giovanni De Jesus says

    Yees ejectable drivers!!! Fly baby fly!!

  15. Ganso Donald says

    Next car game for the veterans

  16. Diego Dias - VOID says


  17. n0way07 says

    I want this game but I doubt theres alot of people playing online like with the recent Flatout game

  18. Who am I says

    I hope to get into the game pass

  19. oscozo 9853 says

    its BeamNG but you can actually play against more than 3 ai and still play at 60fps. excelent.

  20. Tomas Sandaras says

    Please make it on 60fps 4k 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  21. Jonas Rodrigues says

    Legal fizeram um jogo pros retardados do forza que gosta de bater vai ficar vazia as salas do forza agora aleluia


    Looks great

  23. Squid Cena says

    Only OGs will remember when this game was called next car game

  24. Monco Carser says


  25. Rohit Gaikwad says

    Kings of Crash Show Real Life

  26. D-f-o says

    Do wheels work with this game?

  27. Curtis Williams says

    Can’t wait to get this

  28. Sam says

    Only 16 players multiplayer :/

  29. Talis Ripper says

    Love this game

  30. Andrés López says

    xbox one x enhanced PLZ!!!!

  31. Рома Гросс says

    Багбиры красавцы)

  32. Rickey Taylor says

    Remember test drive eve of destruction

  33. pavuk says


  34. XDarkSoldierXD says

    Oooohh si! Me gusto lo que acabo de ver!

  35. Wiua says

    Giving me Burnout 3 vibes.

  36. Alejandro Covarrubias says

    omg good thx ima cop im in school

  37. Derek Price says

    Worth every penny!

  38. bruno says

    bug off guys. u and ur stupd game

  39. Munchy Man01 says

    Seen console and immediately licked

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