WWE 2K Battlegrounds – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Join your favorite WWE Superstars and Legends as they brawl it out in WWE 2K Battlegrounds for Nintendo Switch.
Step into the ring today: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/wwe-2k-battlegrounds-switch/

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  1. Harrison Konanur says

    This is literally going to be their E3 Presentation for 2021.

  2. The Thing says

    It looks like one of those video games people in a sitcom would play.

  3. SuperSquid 004 says

    When a wwe game has more effort than a 60 dollar 3-in-1 game collection.

  4. GOAT King of GOATS says


  5. Lucien Sankou says

    This is what happens when people complain about Nintendo Directs having anime

  6. 2DKILLAH Official says

    Wilhelm's scream includes in game? =)

  7. xIVIJTheGreat says

    Ugh, plz no…

  8. Z285 Rider y. says

    Good game haha i got it

  9. Odin Angie says

    Some kid will get this in the discount bin for his 10 year old switch in 2027

  10. Charles Oglesby says

    Halo infinite:
    Battlegrounds: pathetic

  11. Carton Of Egg says

    Can’t wait to buy this for $20 in 2 months

  12. Max Kaplan says

    Why…….just why

  13. Emtea64 says

    Im gonna start grinding this game, see you all at the next EVO!

  14. IndumatioftheWhiteMoon says

    This game is so gud. I mean, what even is the likes of such low tier games as Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Super Mario compared to the masterfully made masterpiece that is WWE 2K Battlegrounds? Seeing how gud it is reminds me of how gud Superman 64, Sonic 06, and Drake and the 99 Dragons were. Every game wishes they could be that amazing.

  15. Superpan21 says

    At least this game is better than WWE 2K18, but that's not saying much. The fact is: There will never be a good WWE game on the Nintendo Switch.

  16. Jesse Garcia says

    but can I play as incineroar?

  17. Ya Boi says

    3D All-Stars? Overrated. WWE 2K Battlegrounds? Perfection.

  18. Thalles Almeida says

    Que vontade de jogar esse jogo!

  19. Thanos says

    LMAO screw this, I’m going to go play 3 Count about for my NEO Geo Aka A REAL WRESTLING GAME.

  20. Satish o says


  21. DIO says

    Another year. Another lazy cash grab from 2K.

    I miss THQ WWE games.

  22. Corona MacGuinness says

    Damn, they're STILL reuploading this video to try erasing the Dislikes? Gotta give points for persistence if nothing else, they finally got it to 1.5K👍 vs 1K👎.

  23. bbrroken_99 says

    I’ll make it short
    This game

    Match made in heaven baby

  24. Jesse says

    This looks like a game from 15 years ago

  25. Maxoyew says

    I would like to say I was dislike number 1,000

  26. copi lulaYT says

    Hello why they no longer update the Nintendo wii😢🤔

  27. Michael McLean says

    I kind of want this now even though it will be terrible.

  28. Big Boi Ben says

    0:07 Why was there no one in this clip?

  29. Mortada Saleh says

    They even have the courage to show glitches that their game has.
    Most developers are scared to show flaws in their trailers.

  30. atoomy 54 says

    this game is gonna sell out like crazy

  31. Alexander Redhorse says

    reporting switch user MistahV for cheating and network manipulation.

  32. Can. says

    All these comments saying that this will be game of the year is actually making me want to buy it now

  33. totoyes this is e says

    r e m o v e p a y f o r o n l i n e s e r v i c e

  34. El Indigeno says

    Is it just me or am I too old for this nonsense?

  35. lodifi says

    Kidding aside, this game is really fuuuuun!

  36. less solid lard says

    I actually kinda want this game, ngl

  37. Ricer Caliber says

    This is…a ps2 game?

  38. DoggoMurph says


  39. ismael says

    eh game sucks

  40. Isak Johansson says

    I feel a strong 10 on this one

  41. Nathan Knight says

    I like the more realistic one better

  42. Red_Zed says

    9 seconds and we got the shocker

  43. raszop says

    This is an insult to every nintendo client. Why isn't Nintendo respecting us?

  44. SEAN LAI WEI JIA Moe says

    i hope that nintendo can be able to download mobile legends

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