Xbox – February 2019 Games with Gold

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Play together with Xbox Live Gold. February’s 2019 Games with Gold lineup for Xbox One includes: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and Super Bomberman R.  For Xbox 360 owners (and through Xbox One backward compatibility), February kicks off with Assassin’s Creed Rogue, followed by Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. February’s lineup provides over $89 dollars in value and up to 3000 in gamerscore.


  1. Deterrmine says

    You should make apex legends keyboard and mouse compatible

  2. ¡leo Droid! says

    Wait for april

  3. o grande gamer says

    You can fix some of the bugs of the star wars jedi academy for xbox 360 As mine that does not enter, says that I need the disk.

  4. Andresuky Live says

    Pero quiten lo de pagar para jugar online y que solo paguen para tener promociones,

  5. the black baron says

    I stopped playing xbox and missed assassins creeds rogue 🙁 even tho its the 360 version It would of meant that would be my 4th free assassins creed

  6. Alpheus Banner says

    Why cant I download assassins creed? It says its not available in my region but im in the U.S …. The same thing happened with Far Cry 2 … this really aggravates me because I could care less about the ones I could actually download

  7. Eduardo Paes says

    Resident Evil Code Veronica in march. Please! (Brazil)

  8. Michael Raider says

    Hello xbox release march games with gold jheez

  9. martájn says

    How can i get Jedi Academy?

  10. Jesucristo García says

    It's difficult to make everyone happy. Jedi academy it's really fun. Thanks for that. Please give us Silent Hill Downpour or another

  11. RoboGamer_CZ says

    Rayman Legends

  12. Michael Raider says

    Where are the new games

  13. Bence Varga says

    Plz not need live for fortnite.

  14. ReLaX BaDeR says


  15. Infinity says

    Set the locations to kuwait as well fam!

  16. lo be says

    Bomberman anyone?

  17. EMMA Jeans says

    For me only easygiftcard .ml worked

  18. Pika H4ck says

    Can we get GTA San Andreas free or need for speed next month?

  19. جزائري ڨايمنڨ says

    This week on Xbox fortnite for free

  20. Mysterious Titan says


  21. Arthur mota gameplay says

    South park stick of truth for Xbox 360 please!!!!

  22. John De Jesus says

    Can you make better games in the games with gold please

  23. TSM Yacin says

    Please I went to play fortnite without Xbox live gold

  24. Orin Davenport says

    I dont see anthem on this list.

  25. dementador 47 says

    why are we still here just to suffer

  26. Merantle says


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