Xbox Games With Gold – February 2019 Trailer

Xbox games trailers

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Super Bomberman R, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered Review

Super Bomberman R – Solid Snake (David Hayter) & Xavier Woods Trailer

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  1. RELLUM GREEN says

    One again Xbox 360 Games > Xbox One games.
    Make Mk9 backwards compatible

  2. Caolan Robinson says

    I got an advert for playstation vr before this video, i thought that was funny

  3. Awesome Sauce says

    Jedi Knight Jedi Academy…hell yeah!

  4. Danish Cannoli says

    Why wouldn’t they give us the remastered rouge? Silly.. and an Xbox original eewww

  5. Lord VB says

    Awesome month let's hope we get AC origins or Black flag remastered next month. ??

  6. OffBrandLegend says

    This is probably my favorite month for free games

  7. Tanner K says


  8. James Boyle says

    Wow the only decent Star Wars game available on XBox will be free!!!

  9. arpit chandra says

    Smash subscribe to PewDiePie save YouTube

  10. jk12324 says

    Anyone else getting a 90's vibe from this video?

  11. thani drin says

    Um are they not allowed to mention castlevania?

  12. NataN says

    Trash WITH Gold


  13. Cameron Watt says

    Can we get fairytale fights cross compatable plz? I loved that game ?

  14. ClazzClown says

    I wow another assassin creed game I’m not surprised ?

  15. Grand Admiral Waldron says

    Who else hype for Jedi academy??

  16. Deondre Diggs says

    Make Afro Samurai backward compatible

  17. Please make dbz raging blast 1 and 2 backwards compatible I BEG OF YOU

  18. DarkBasher says

    Their all shitty, besides assassins creed rogue

  19. ark13700 says

    Just switch to the gold dude everytime

  20. Kyler Polson says

    Maybe unpopular opinion but I think Rogue is top 5 best Assassin's creed and it just got overlooked becuase it was released along with Unity

  21. Hilloty32 says

    Castlevania on Xbox one? ??

  22. Mike Voss says

    This lineup is pretty damn alright, and I know I'm just finding something to complain about, but why in the heck can't they give us the Xbox One version of AC: Rogue? I mean come on..

  23. MrKoogh says

    Sounds like metal jesus rocks

  24. Miku Hatsune says

    XBox Who?

  25. Noize Tank says

    1:36 whichever editor made that smooth transition deserves a raise

  26. CMONCMON007 says

    Oooooooh Jedi Academy!!!!!! Funny im more excited for the older title

  27. Gloku says

    Horrible like last month

  28. Lame masinkas says

    This is lot better than fuckin steep and portal knights

  29. Manuel Monteiro says

    This is a great month.

  30. ForDaSha0lin says

    Better than ps plus

  31. eatyamom says

    Why do the Xbox one games look like they came out 20-30 years ago??

  32. Nell M says

    I really want Aliens Colonial Marines on Xbox one the multiplayer was so fun. Well to me since the game got a lot of hate. Vote for it to be on Xbox one guys please!

  33. CrazySeanDX says

    Damn, I dare say this ain't a bad spread.

  34. darknox78 says

    incoming cry babies not getting games they want

  35. POP MAN says


  36. KHOAMICS says

    I guess gears of war is never gonne finish instaling

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