Xbox – June 2019 Games with Gold Trailer

  1. Crampeyh BadKid says

    How trash

  2. Ezequiel Baez Cambra says

    Put Rivals on the Switch

  3. AjB Gaming says

    Complete dog shit pile of games. that Playstation free with Plus for June looking HOT tho

  4. TheOneVinylScratch says

    Damn, we're getting Portal, Rivals of Aether, and another EDF? June is looking to be a good time.

  5. brandontalbort says

    This is actually a good lineup.

  6. LinklickZ says

    earth defense force was the only good game on there

  7. Vanilla Thunder says

    Giant Ants

  8. Big B Swayn says

    Lol wow worse than May

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