XBOX SERIES X Official Tech Demo (2020) New Xbox Console

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XBOX SERIES X Official Tech Demo (2020) New Xbox Console
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  1. michael mayer says

    Xbox one x graphics….so?

  2. lifeward21 says

    looks great for people with adhd, thanks Bill

  3. Jesse Naugle says

    Will this one be next gen too?

  4. Keshun Davis says

    Scriptures game PS4/Xbox One Upload

  5. MyCrEaSe says

    People are so dumb, he's trying to show the loading speed of game to game etc.

  6. April Beaman says


  7. CyberThug1080i says
  8. jairdabrini says

    So I guess its time to sell my One X before everyone wants to get rid of them and prices plummet.

  9. S G M de Paz says

    El 2º video demuestra que la xbox one x esuna puta patata…..

  10. chaz howard says

    This is laughable. Looks current gen.

  11. Batman says

    Laughs in PC. Welcome to modern times.😂

  12. hi there says

    who the hell want to play multiple game at the same time?

  13. Dan says

    I’m sorry but what’s different than current gen? Looks the same to me

  14. Riddler 1 says

    I won't believe it until I see it myself

  15. Sakul says

    Fuck TheComicalCanadian

  16. luis gago says

    I think nobody is gonna play 2 games at the same time. Its an unnecesary waste of resources

  17. Mattia Bovolenta says

    Does it takes this long to load state of decay on xb1 x?

  18. How much for the new xbox x game?

  19. Starkiller100 says

    This guy needs to make his damn mind up and pick a bloody game he wants to play

  20. Cordell Banks says

    Trash As Usual

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