Xbox Series X|S Trailer – Next Generation – International Version

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Link to Spanish version:
Localization: XboxStudio

Link to Korean Version:
Localization: Ayayanano

Link to Italian Version:

Concept | Video Editing | 3D Lighting&Rigging : Vincenzo “Fayez” Di Natale

Sound Design: Alessandro Romiti

Motion Graphics: Xbox Studio

Following the success of the first video, I decided to continue creating content for videogames lovers out there.

This video was a first time for me in many ways. I used official Xbox assets for games and consoles renders but it wasn’t enough.
The first big decision was to make the trailer at 60fps, to honor the amazing build these consoles have. This required some heavy work because not all assets I could download from youtube and xbox official site are at that framerate.
Beside recording games FHD at 60 and 120fps from my PC rig, I had to buy 3D models of both consoles, setting up the 3d scenes and finally render them at 60fps. This was necessary to create, first and foremost, a personal narrative impossible to achieve with the xbox official video, and secondly for giving the video an increased production value, making it different from other Fanmade trailers. If you don’t see the video at 60fps, I’m gonna curse you with a lifetime mandatory pineapple pizza delivery, and if end up liking them then it means that nature punished you enough.

I collaborated with XboxStudio for some amazing motion graphics, he helped me with some brilliant ideas and gifted me some more time to focus on the edit.
I also chose to follow a workflow usually reserved for bigger productions. I entrusted the sound design to a dear friend of mine who works in the TV/Cinema industry like I do. Not only did he improve the work I did, he also added some sound magic that I couldn’t have done nor imagined with my limited know-how.

Way too many thanks must be given to the XboxNews ( for their support. Also, as an huge “thank you” to Korean and Spanish fans who viewed and liked my first video, I did the exact same trailer localized for them. I also localized it in Italian because, as you surely can notice from the pizza I’m writing this on, I’m Italian. This last version also has the dubbing worked, with a never heard before Senua in Italian.
At last, I’m doing this without any monetization prospect and purely for fun. Also to make Aaron Greenberg gift me a Series X, but don’t spread the word too much.


  1. t3st0_ says

    It need to be an official launch trailer of Xbox Series.

  2. Слабый очень близко к хуйне)

  3. Егор Горшков says


  4. Tomas Plauska says

    тут 100% видео про series x 😁 приставили мощьно 😁

  5. Блин я уже все жданки прождал, ну где мой хвох?!

  6. Game lnsider says

    Wow!!! 🔥

  7. Степан Калинин says

    Очень круто!

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  10. richard gutberlet says

    WOW! Im speechless!

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  12. Mokuro says

    Do you mind doing a brazillian portuguese version? 😳 I can help you with it

  13. Mokuro says


  14. 星钻Yao says

    Nice work!

  15. superninja252 says

    You can make a japanese version?

  16. Ali 76 says

    noice dude ❤

  17. Andrija Grgic says

    Nice work 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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  19. suhwan bae says

    thank u for making the korean version video!
    I was impressed by this video. I'll look forward to the next video.

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