Xbox: The True Story Of Microsoft's Gaming Consoles (2001-2018)

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Xbox, a name we all know and recognize. However, it is a name that is not that old when it comes to gaming consoles. Microsoft entered the console gaming market relatively late considering their competition, but that has not stopped them from dominating the market. Xbox as a brand has revolutionized many aspects of gaming including online play and genres like first person shooters.

While the name of consoles have not changed much, there is a rich history behind the X in Xbox. In this video we are going to go over the sorted history of Xbox and the company behind it, as well as look at a few of the stand out titles and moments in the console’s history. From humble beginnings, to the break out hit of next gen gaming, let’s look at how Microsoft went from tackling computers and online gaming to consoles and legendary exclusives.


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  1. Snake Catcher says

    This vid is false . Forgot to mention the FACTS that the 360 came out in late 2005 and 2006 for other countries

  2. John Smith says

    Here’s an actual fact: the 360 was launched in late 2005 and 2006 as well . Sadly the person in this video didn’t do enough research cause he was lazy and also didn’t get enough school teaching growing up 👍

  3. Limit Dezz says

    This video be spreading false information . The Xbox 360 came out in late 2005 and even 2006

  4. Swinter set says

    The 360 launched in late 2005 and 2006 as well it’s just the truth

  5. Telenor Subotica says

    Xbox 360 came out in late 2005 and 2006 for some countries. And it’s facts

  6. AltDentifier says

    Xbox 360 released in late 2005/2006 weather anyone agrees our not

  7. KBX KING👑🌙 says

    This video gets a good dislike 👎

  8. KBX KING👑🌙 says

    This video is false and little research was done . The Xbox 360 was released in 2005/2006. And releases started in November 2005 weather u like it or not . It’s the facts . Anyone who sees this comment can’t deny the facts am telling right now weather anyone likes it or not

  9. Zona Crowe says

    I bought my first Xbox one X on Amazon last year, and I love it!

  10. Mbaye Diagne says

    Got a original one and series s planning to get a 360 S or E

  11. retro gaming critic says

    The xbox one s and the xbox searies s and x came out

  12. Worldwar2 says

    I not love x box

  13. Amanda Scott says

    I am a xbox fan

  14. Bolting Tortoise says

    Who else thinks you need a Xbox or PlayStation with a switch on the side?

  15. Johncooltoys says


  16. LM says

    Is it funny that Roblox is Xbox One when Microsoft made Minecraft

  17. Nicole Wilkie says

    You forgot the Xbox one s

  18. Kev Madison says

    xbox sucks can't even watch a fuckin movie

  19. JamStar_Ent says

    I loved my xbox and xbox elite, went back to ps3 and haven't looked backed. Xbox was the best console until the late ps3 years in my opinion

  20. If you are waiting for Xbox one X then you aren’t alone

  21. Xbox360z says

    Xbox 360 is the best console ever

  22. ShaRK GamerZ says


  23. bmw320 says

    Amazing documentary ….thanks

  24. FIGHTERPOWER & BeastJacob says

    I am not an Xbox gamer: I am a Nintendo gamer soon to get a PS5. I am learning about the enemy… 😉

  25. Lowell Musa says

    I would like to have an xbox

  26. Anna Stratton says

    I had Xbox one s

  27. David Serna says

    I have an original xbox and an xbox 360 s

  28. baldemar Velasquez says

    Watching this in 2020 doing a slide show of xbox

  29. Faiq Ajmir says

    gamernx says that microsoft xbox is in one of the top three game consoles where as there are only 3 game consoles in the market xbox,playstation and nintendo

  30. Dhm BOI says

    XD lol now we all know its the xbox series x

  31. 64R1M says

    Also microsoft must make xbox portable consoles called XBOX Portable

  32. Pamela Chace says

    My Xbox 360 still runs to this day

  33. HENNNRYYY says


    Why can’t we just be friends

  34. Ebk 2100 says

    Anyone remember the 360 E?

  35. Ebk 2100 says

    The original xbox controllers were wireless around 2002 2004 before xbox 360 was release

  36. PureDestruction says

    Idk why I just like Xbox better and I never want a PlayStation

  37. Shadow Noble says

    Its funny Sony mocked xbox about a 500 tag, then release the PS5 with a $500 tag as well

  38. luksa 15 says

    But theres a 5 errors on Xbox 360

  39. Bordan Jempsey says

    Definitely skipped the Xbox one S in this video and whent straight to the one X.

  40. Chris Kulig says

    Thanks for putting this together. Well done and informative. I'm a PS4 pro owner eying the Xbox series X as my next machine.

  41. Alex Bett says

    Xbox series x is next

  42. AnotherGuy12 says

    I have been an Xbox fan since my childhood :
    – Xbox 360 (sadly it broke)
    – Xbox 360 S (still have it today)
    – Xbox One (sold it)
    – Xbox One X (still have it)

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