Xeno Crisis launch trailer (Switch, PS4, XBox One and Steam)

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Confront thousands of deadly adversaries as you attempt a desperate rescue mission in a research colony where something has gone badly wrong. Take the fight to the enemy with a friend or play solo, but be warned – not everything is as it seems!

Xeno Crisis is a top-down arena shooter originally developed for the Mega Drive, and is also being ported to the Dreamcast and Neo Geo – pre-order your copy here:


  1. World of Retro Gameplay says

    I’ve already pre-ordered the Neo-Geo version! I plan on buying the Switch version also to have this incredible game in the go. ☺️

  2. Maruku says

    I'd buy that for a dollar!

  3. The Eunuch says

    Xenos fear me!!!

  4. Mahesh Silwal says

    Came here after DF video.

  5. gabriel sylvestre says

    Contra crosses Metal Slug in an early Nes Gauntlet cross Zelda background stage environment????

  6. Rose Supreme says

    Who's here after hearing this game's getting a DREAMCAST port of all things?

  7. Immortality Gamer says

    Nice surprise added to Gamepass, will definitely be playing!

  8. Sutoraidā Hiryū says

    Heck yea this game goes hard!

  9. Mai Kim Dang says

    Love Xeno crisis for my Sega mega drive 👍

  10. Joei Lps says

    looks like pretty kool game..
    having 90's flashbacks

  11. Supratik Ghoshal says

    Graphics is like metal slug

  12. Mu Jones says

    This game is AWESOME! You guys DID IT! =D Thank you for hours and hours of FUN!

  13. Courtland Robinson says

    This game reminds me so much of Total Carnage

  14. Xanarkan says

    I wonder if all versions of the game will be identical or is there one that will be the "must have" ? The Mega Drive version looks cool 🙂

  15. Chernov .Revergo says

    Smash TV in 2019

  16. Vasiliy Feofanov says

    Pretty good 🎄🎄🎄
    Please make for iOS

  17. God Of Lyf says

    It's does look cool but not at 19.99 waiting for a half off sale incoming soon…!

  18. stezo2k says

    The mega drive version is a masterpiece! Definitely rebuying the ports

  19. The One says

    Played it on Genesis it is awesome! I think it has a lot of potential. I would love to have longer levels but not so difficult, just to relax and shoot some monsters, because gameplay is real fun. You can make Xeno Crisis 1.5 with longer levels and easier difficulty, I suspect you even don't need to increase cartridge size because levels are proceduraly generated. And also you can make Xeno Crisis 2, top down metroidvania and creative potential here is immense!

  20. Alpine Bandages says

    That soundtrack is killer bro

  21. Dan Maximo says

    New game for Dreamcast and Mega Drive

  22. andrew says

    Smash TV is looking more mental

  23. Lord Jagi says

    BIG MONEY, BIG PRIZES – I LOVE IT. oh sorry wrong dual stick shootah!

  24. KroeboCop says

    I will buy this physical to the switch. I'm hoping that you can add scanlines in a update :=>

  25. Eternal Umbra says

    This looks fairly dope

  26. ARIGAME01 says

    no sabia de la existencia de este juego se ve excelente, lo comprare ahora mismo

  27. Daniel McCray says

    so does this have anything to do with the aliens franchise? I mean the assault rifle looks like the pulse rifle and the mention of xeno with the fact the aliens look like xenomorphs makes me wish this was an official aliens video game.

  28. Mills DADAHDARK BEATZ says

    old school like we love

  29. Obsessive Compulsive Gamer says

    I keep coming back to watch this and boy do I love how she resembles Jill Valentine

  30. uppercut grandma says

    Pretty smart marketing

  31. Obsessive Compulsive Gamer says

    I hope it hits physical for switch here in the states, I know strictly Limited is doing a run but I’d rather it be LRG😒

  32. Jana Heikkinen says

    жаль на Nintendo 3DS не будет((

  33. SikSlayer says

    The soundtrack is awesome. Will that be available for purchase??

  34. Ulysses Brown says

    this is bad as#$** Bad to the bone I love it I want this game so bad love this preview

  35. Jonathan Foote says

    Yeah take my money 100% having this there’s so much cool indie stuff constantly being released the major titles don’t get a look in!
    I mean it’s been a great year blazing chrome ninja saviours and 3 stonkingly good metroidvanias – Bloodstained, Timespinner and Blasphemous – one happy gamer

  36. Teh Zig says

    Ahhhh dude, this looks so bad ass!

  37. Kenny Ryan says

    Reminds me of Smash TV.

  38. Jaycron Parkola says

    is this 16 bit or is it HD?

  39. The music is AMAZING. The SEGA Genesis has an amazing soundchip.

  40. Jesse Acapulco says

    when is this game release?

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