Yars: Recharged Gameplay Trailer Coming August 23

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Yars: Recharged is coming to the Atari VCS, PlayStation, Stadia, Switch, Xbox Steam and the Epic Games Store on August 23.

Check out the latest trailer, one minute of uninterrupted gameplay.

The new game marks Atari’s return to the Yars universe, which is based on Howard Scott Warshaw’s classic Yars’ Revenge released in 1982

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Check out the Recharged website here: https://recharged.atari.com/

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  1. Joe G says

    Looks cool!

  2. francisco moreno says

    Atari please add a atari 2600 all the games and put it in the consoles like ps4

  3. pmcollectorboy says

    I'm gonna miss being able to slap the Qotile in mid air with the cannon and dancing in the nuclear explosion but this still looks fun as hell.

  4. f2lo2 says

    When Atari VCS will be available in Europe and in particular in Poland? I haven't seen it in any shop since ages….

  5. Guillem Vilà Gala says

    Una pregunta, por qué no puedo jugar a RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 ?
    Es que me gustaría mucho volver a jugar a ese gran juego ya que me produce mucha nostalgia.

  6. JoeAtari1 says

    No obviously planted comment here! This game looks awesome. I can't wait to get this on my Atari VCS. And to the naysayers and other miscreants trolling The Real Atari, I offer you this…🌮

  7. Francky b says

    Quality seems to improve since first recharged, Atari comes back…

  8. PlazmaCRT says

    Atari. If you’re reading this comment, I’m BEGGING you to release the Atari VCS in the United Kingdom! I want to experience this awesome looking game along with Tempest 4000, the Vault and many more. I love Atari and I’d love a UK release of the VCS^^

  9. logboy says

    Game looks cool. Several obviously planted comments here though.

  10. District 519 says

    Atari VCS second generation 2022??

  11. O Super Player Trabalhao says

    It could also have a Clock tower game or the same gameplay. Since the company went bankrupt. With simpler graphics that seems to fit the style of play.

  12. Robert Torquati says

    Pretty fantastic

  13. SomaXD says

    Lol half of these comments look like paid bot shill accounts for Atari VCS. This game looks like a 2009 mobile game or straight to XBLA game… literally nothing special other than a name tied to nostalgia.

  14. Darknightrider Games says

    This game looks amazing I love the recharged series and can’t wait for Yars recharged definitely getting this day one

  15. Mimimi Gamertube says

    More one good game which will be in my library.

  16. Ryan Brennan says

    Very excited about this one. Looks so fun! Definitely looks like the funnest Recharged game yet. Hoping Limited Run Games or Atari themselves, via Atari XP perhaps, does a physical release for all these Recharged games.

  17. Karoly the Retro gamer says

    I think these recharged games are getting better and better with each release. First day buy on VCS for me 🕹

  18. Kolby V. says

    Does it have HSWWSH?

  19. Whoeverest the Whateverest says

    This is a certified WE HAVE COME FOR YOUR NECTAR moment

  20. marss marss says

    Excellent 😀

  21. kxmode says

    A literal game play trailer. 👍

  22. Mario Montero says

    Por fin mas noticias de este juego!! Excelente!

  23. Michael Kling says

    can't wait !! This is a Day 1 purchase for me on the AtariVCS !! I grew up on the original Yars Revenge !!

  24. Max Mustermann says

    Atari Hotels 2022??

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