You're Having A Difficult Day! (When Idiots Play Games #120)



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  1. Blue says

    Anyone else think this channel got sloppy over the years?

  2. Merabi Kvinikadze says

    you are idiot

  3. Lal H k i p says

    1:17 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Masterkiller Nr1 says

    0:50 i feel with that. i already had this moment xD

  5. reaping 4 ever says

    It’s bad that these gaming idiots are still smarter than my idiot step son. He does this stupid shit in real life

  6. Mr. Riffler says

    please upload a funny video

  7. Cool World says

    0.16 lmmao

  8. CitingPilot122 says

    7:04 Call of Duty zombie reality

  9. lucasnahuel buxton says

    Wtf battlefield x gta5 4:04 xd

  10. NEW WORLD says

    What is the music name in 0:39

  11. notyour nova says

    Lol black squad aka. Viper circle is one of the worst games ever made! Loaded with cheaters

  12. BoldCrowd00001 BoldCrowed00001 says

    8:48 the "oh shit" got me

  13. boris brian says

    6:42 That was scary af 🥶

  14. I trow my phone

  15. SturdySituation says

    4:49 what game is that

  16. Sonu J says

    All game in video
    Please list in description with name

  17. Adolf Hitler says

    Why was hardline bf titled gta v

  18. eastside ant says

    Can somebody pls cash app me $askant

  19. davi augusto says

    0:01 whats this game?

  20. Dave Lewis says

    8:48 what game is that music from? Sounds familiar…

  21. lvl 1 crook says

    4:07 im not sure if thats gta bud

  22. Tyler Serafin says

    0:48 What game? I assume trucking simulator or whatever its called? Can you just go into a world and have everyone driving around you, or are these people all friends playing on a server or..?

  23. Ranj Abdulsalam says

    4:08 i'm sure that's BF hardline

  24. KB says

    as a gamer this made my day

  25. top pop says

    4:03 GTA 5?

  26. Satan says

    game name "reflex" xDDDD

  27. Alex Schmitt says

    What's the music name at the beginning at 0:19? I can't find it on the website

  28. bg1929 says

    Wtf 4:10 gtav bf

  29. Drew N says

    4:11 isn’t gta it’s battlefield hardline

  30. Masti Troll says


  31. Gabriele Muscolino says

    4:08 gta?

  32. dav1d130 says

    5:58 gayyyy

  33. Hasnain Wahab says

    Will somebody tell me that do battlefield have both world war 2 weapons and latest weapons?

  34. Zcinq Zcinq says

    That’s fucking true stop fucking joined server if your not pro you have to learn offline

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