Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Enjoy 16-bit classic gaming with Zombies Ate My Neighbors and its sequel Ghoul Patrol when they come to Nintendo Switch on June 29.

Zeke & Julia are back to save the neighborhood from Zombies, Mummies, and more!

Pre-order today: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/zombies-ate-my-neighbors-and-ghoul-patrol-switch/

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  1. David Anderson says

    Brings back memories

  2. diego pinceti says

    que manera de chorear

  3. East Salinas [Æ.D.] says

    Had This Game 🎮 On The Megadrive Sega Genesis.. Glad Its Coming Back

  4. 88craigv says

    Zombies (as it was called in here in the uk as apparently the “at my neighbours” was too crude) remains one of my favourite games ever.

  5. African Warlord says

    BCDF password for bonus level does NOT work
    start new game at your own risk!

  6. SuprSaiyanTurry says

    Well I would have loved this if it wasn't so lazy.

  7. Sherell Lovely says


  8. rivum rejex says

    Cant wait!..

  9. chadergeist82 says

    Is ZAMN the Sega edition with the cool score and sound effects or the SNES edition with the weird score and sound effects?

  10. filevans says

    more cash grab

  11. Steve CG says

    Ayeeee LMAO ZAMN all over again! I remember this game came with my SNES when my parents bought me my first. At first it was meh, then the more I played it the more I liked it! I used to spent hours on this. The fun and the nightmares at the same time.

  12. Aether says

    This was one of my favorite games when I was a kid!! I can't believe I'm just seeing this for the first time

  13. Evandro says

    It's a great game, but I believe it was supposed to be on Nintendo switch online.

  14. Dude 27th says

    Zamn deserved better. This port is awful

  15. Wesley C says

    This game is GOLD, the one of the best, it will going to re-release.

  16. Ivanegarcia says

    It’s funny, that they released these 2 games during the summer season. They should have waited until Halloween (October 31) instead. 😆🤣

  17. Kyra Sánchez says

    love this games

  18. I had tons of fun playing this game with my brother many years ago, buying it in 3, 2, 1…

  19. CRISSTIAN says

    Yeah !!

  20. Ocean Igs says

    Was playing this on an emulator and wanting a release of this game to play with my family. So glad this came out!!

  21. Phillip Carbin says

    Man I have this on the Nintendo Switch and I can't even get passed Level 21.

  22. Jay V says

    When’s this come out

  23. Steven Bradburn says

    I am seriously considering getting a switch just to play this classic lol

  24. Dave Enciso says

    Thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! I am happy now, u made my day Disney hahahaa

  25. Jackson Cavalcanti says

    Wait what? All these years and I didn't know there was a sequel to "Zombies Ate My Neighbors".

  26. Daniel's Hot Topics says

    Did This game Come out Yet?

  27. ZEP joe says

    Awesome game still play it to this day. Have it on the SNES and added it to my SNES classic. Now I can get it on my switch .

  28. Rattus says

    Looks like they’re playing in game journalist mode or using a game genie as they’re cheating and have 999 bazooka ammo

  29. T J says

    Soo much fun did it need 70 levels? No, but they did it and most where different and quirky in thier own way.

  30. edy escalante says

    lucasfilm???? ahhhh METAL WARRIORS is back?

  31. Camila beatriz Ramirez leguia says

    Ilove it!

  32. Camila beatriz Ramirez leguia says

    For when?

  33. Octokok says

    Another great game with no online play. Big shame when it's so much fun with 2 players.

  34. Kitty-kat Bang! Bang! says

    Awesome! Zombies ate my neigbors is my favorite super nintendo game, now if i can just get past lvl 48 i'll see what Ghoul Patrol is like.

  35. Jared Parsons says

    Favorite snes game of all time. Just downloaded it today.

  36. Arcanamon says


  37. kiwisoup says

    Just bought this and oh boy what a lazy bare bones attempt.

    -Only the SNES version, no Genesis version with red blood instead of purple. No European version with lumberjacks instead of chainsaw maniacs.

    -No rewind, only one save slot that forces you to quit every time you save.

    -For extra features, there is one semi-interesting 5 min video with one developer, manuals and about a dozen pieces of art… That's it.

    -Local 2 player only. No online.

    -No resizing, border, or filter options.

    Like at least try and give people a reason to play this over just downloading the roms.

    You guys did The Lion King/Aladdin collection justice so why not this?

  38. Kedai Game says

    Great game!

    I’ve just recorded a handheld gameplay on my channeI

    Feel free to check it out guys!

  39. Teryaki says

    Anyone having problems finding this on the PSN?

  40. C Robinson says

    Gotta say I’m a little disappointed. No save states. And no intro theme from the original cartridge for Zombies ate my Neighbors.

  41. FanMadeMunkVideos says

    Game it self plays fine
    But cons are start up screen
    Horrible music no options to turn down volume or music separately no full screen options only good thing is save and passwords

  42. Bad Bunny says

    Hey this Game ist Not of full Screen why !?

  43. Emma Games41 says

    Heres my review: ive only played 3 levels so heres what i thought so far (of Zombies Ate My Neighbors). I'm kinda disappointed in this. Seems like someone just emulated the game, took out the title screen and slapped a price tag on it. I loved the old creepy title screen on the SNES.. it used to give me nightmares as a kid.. lol, instead we get this happy disney music? (Probably so we dont scare the children) 😒🙄
    The music doesnt sound updated at all either. It sounds awful and a little faster. I get that its snes, but old games like this have been rereleased and have sounded better on xbox, ps, ect. It also gets extremely laggy when you receive an award (on xbox)
    Im glad i have it on the xbox but i wish they wouldve put some extra love into it as this is a very well known and loved game.

  44. PrinzessinRamode says

    Do not download!!! Serious issues!!!
    1. The controls have been rotated 90 degrees.
    2. The original passwords do not work.
    3. The title screen has been removed.
    4. The "museum" section as cheap scans of the instructions.
    5. This has as little work put in as possible.
    6. It is a stripped down version of the Super Nintendo version.

    Dear rereleasers, if you are going to rerelease a game, rerelease the full game, unchanged!!!

    I wanted this game to be good, but because the controls are butchered and cannot be changed, it is unplayable. You would be better off tracking down the original Super Nintendo version of this game.

    Also… No online 2 player, but it has a pointless leaderboard system for… Points… Yeah, remember those?

  45. FanMadeMunkVideos says

    Here we go
    Come on put it on the store already

  46. avril fans uk says

    Not long now

  47. Psycho Witch says

    Still waiting it out today but it's not ????

  48. JAMATEX XD says


  49. Austin Lucas says

    I have one question:
    Online Co-Op, please?

  50. sharkman265 says

    Preordered it’s only $15 so not bad price for these 2 games and extras

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