Zoo Wars 2 – Trailer

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In the wake of a truce between the Nice Side and the Mice Side, the Zooverse has settled into a beautiful era of peace. However, the villainous mouse, Boo Boo Squeal, is determined to violate that peace treaty, and restart war at any cost. Assembling a team of the galaxy’s most despicable deplorables, Boo Boo targets the Nice Side heroes, Nuke Tiptoes and B-52, and attempts to eliminate them before regaining the most awesome prize in all the Zooverse: the power of the Sauce. With the Nice Side leader, Princess Sparklefeather, away on honeymoon, Nuke and B-52 are forced to fend for themselves, thwarting Boo Boo’s vengeful minions and defending the Zooverse with everything they’ve got. With time running out, and Boo Boo getting closer and closer to acquiring Sauce power, Nuke and B-52 enlist some friends of their own, in an effort to derail the Mice Side’s sinister plans and keep the Sauce from falling into their evil clutches. Who will emerge victorious – the Nice Side or the Mice Side? Will Boo Boo Squeal finally achieve full Sauce power? Will Nuke Tiptoes save the Zooverse again? Will B-52 ever find the right robot lubricant? Find out the answers to these questions, and many more in…Zoo Wars 2!


  1. durgam durgaprasad says

    Wtf , it got 9.5 how

  2. roc7656 says

    I've lost so many brain cells while watching this.

  3. Ebinshibe Ebin says

    I won't be sleeping tonight, thank you.

  4. A.P DeZa says

    9.5 – 9 = 0.5

  5. Gugis 13 says

    What the fuck

  6. 2-SpaZ-4-U says

    9.5 what a disgrace .
    1.15 min of precious time, i could have used drinking beer. that i´ll never get back.

  7. Benjamin Koomson says

    9.5 rates………. WASTED!!

  8. Meme Tard says

    PEGI 18

  9. bern says

    9.5 OMEGALUL

  10. vfeat TM says

    Worst movie i ever watched ?????

  11. lijo amir says

    I came here from 9.5 rating on imdb. I thought this was some foreing animated masterpiece

  12. Nathan Guadron says

    Just incase this movie suddenly becomes a meme, I'll leave this here.

  13. Abang Payne says

    This movie suck

  14. ryanbappy says

    this is now the best movie ever

  15. Zahdey Loteek says

    They are going to regain the sus

  16. Aðîp Shrestha says

    i just downloaded this shit because it was on top rated 9.5 ? i wonder how did it get 9.5 rating ?

  17. Alfi Bakhtiar says

    4.0/10 (IMDB rating)

  18. NerdHerbs says

    terrible 3D models and animation

  19. santosh kumar says

    Utlimate waste..

  20. Hayro Estrada says

    My PlayStation 2 has equal or better graphics then this.

  21. EnglandIsMyCity says

    I would be surprised if someone went to the cinema and unironically watched and PAID for this piece of shit, even the original sonic trailer was better

  22. Gina Magelle says


  23. brother says

    wait why is it rated 9.5/10

  24. Umberto Coppola says

    it looks like a game from when we were using the 3dfx voodoo in the 90s

  25. Goku Rips Bongs says

    There were several people working together to make this. I feel like i'm wasting my time writing this comment but man alive, why would you bother. I feel ill.

  26. Sun Moon says

    This is so cringe

  27. XSAlliN Alin says

    Right now – this crappy animation has a score of 9.5 on IMDB (only few votes – obviously). That's quite clearly "fake rating" – boosted by fake accounts.

  28. Jerk says

    I am 36 and made animation of this quality when I was 17, just learning in school.

  29. Wedgetail says

    I'd personally call this a Multi Galactic DUMP of Gigantic Proportion! Put some effort in, for goodness sake!
    This movie series is diarrhea coming out of my dick! This studio is as appealing as a fucking ooze-infested dirty fucking sewer rat shit! I've had more fun playing with dog turds! Zoo Wars' my ass and Wownow's my balls, this type of movie is an inside-out asshole-regurgitated putrid anal fecal matter! I'd rather fucking yank all the hairs out of my scrotum! I'd rather drink diarrhea vomited out of a buffalo's anus! It sucking fucks, it fucking sucks, IT FUCKING BLOWS, IT'S A PIECE OF SHIT…

    and I don't like it.

  30. Wedgetail says

    Aw, man. Ya know, I honestly thought Star Paws was a cute concept, just a squandered opportunity. You guys should've done more of that. Turn it into a franchise. Not this half-arse garbage.

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