Zven Denies Doublelift After His BM In LCS Game – Best of LoL Streams #571

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Daily League of Legends best funny stream moments, memes,
funny fails and pro plays #571 ft. Riot Games, Doublelift, Discoheat, Scarra, Hashinshin, Swifte, LS, King Nidhogg, xBlotter, Midbeast, Trick2g, Wingsofdeath, Loveiwarsson, AzzApp, Jackpotteemo, LL Stylish, iPav, Osazeh, Powerofevil, Rainbrain, iKeepItTaco, Mid Mordekaiser, Tmxk319, Ratirl, Forestwithin, Freeze, Cowsep, Bobqinxd, Quas, Benji, Biigboiigaming, KatEvolved, Faker, Madlife, Chaesoolol, Masekurr, Frostprime, Yassuo and TF Blade!
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LS: https://www.twitch.tv/imls
RaitIRL: https://www.twitch.tv/ratirl
Bobqinxd: https://www.twitch.tv/bobqinxd

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  1. Synapse says

    EDIT: Ignore my edit. Doublelift confirmed that Zven shook his hand:

    C O N T E N T S (_/¯⊘_ᴥ_⊘)_/¯ :

    0:00 Riot Games

    1:06 Osazeh

    1:35 xBlotter

    1:50 Jackpotteemo

    2:01 tmxk319

    2:15 Hashinshin

    2:39 Swifte

    3:02 LS

    3:28 iKeepItTaco

    3:37 Rainbrain
    3:57 iPav
    4:20 Rainbrain
    4:35 Quas
    4:50 Powerofevil
    5:09 Wingsofdeath
    5:30 Hashinshin
    5:47 Bengi
    6:02 KatEvolved
    6:20 LL Stylish
    6:42 Trick2g
    7:25 Wingsofdeath
    7:39 Alicopter
    7:48 AzzApp
    8:00 Yassuo
    8:16 Masekurr
    8:25 Mid Mordekaiser
    8:41 Midbeast
    8:56 ForestWithin
    9:12 Rat IRL
    9:27 Cowsep
    9:40 Midbeast
    9:55 Freeze
    10:11 Madlife
    10:25 BigBoiiGaming
    10:40 loveiwarsson
    10:50 Leftysoulz
    11:07 Faker
    11:48 Chaesoo
    12:13 Bobqinxd
    12:35 Frostprime
    12:55 Trick2g
    13:20 Rat IRL

    All stream links in the video description, enjoy!

  2. Lindsay _rcs says


  3. 토토리 says

    2:02 ^^ㅣ발 지환이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  4. 다스 says

    2:03 괴물쥐하이ㅋ

  5. Gc Abdullah Zamir says

    can you stop zooming in the streamers webcams , its cringe af

  6. Xynapse says

    0:35 Song?

  7. NetSraC1306 says

    Why was that 2:18 hashinshin clip even clip worthy?

  8. MasterBeta says

    Turns out 21/1 people tend to get penta kills

  9. Max Cormier says

    that 1:30 clip is hilarious

  10. Anders Meldgaard says

    That's some pretty weird seconds right there

  11. Er1cF0rman says

    love watching cowseps bitchass cry QQ

  12. Redlipstick says

    Who's teh guy at 8:58 please? Any good soul?

  13. Slayer JM says

    He dont count seconds 4:15 ! And a he end at one ! What a silly kid lol

  14. samuricex says

    “Let’s give a bunch of champs Garen’s ult, except they’re all way better than Garen’s ult.”

  15. FreeForStyle says

    Kayn gameplay is soo trash

  16. Luca Serrecchia says

    Ashe will be here in 5 seconds
    Waits 3 glacial ages: SeE?!

  17. Twinshot Zero says

    Dude stop spreading fake rumors,that’s very scummy just delete the damn video

  18. Piglet Bacon says

    Rainbrains laugh cures my depression

  19. Kayen says

    10:18 Madlife hitting us with a madlife

  20. Soomin Chae says

    괴물쥐 머기업 다됬누 ㄷㄷ

  21. dell says

    Just came here to dislike the video for fake info 🙂 good thing I stopped supporting this channel a long time ago

  22. Ethan Goh says

    Longest 5 seconds of my life.

  23. Omar Garcia says

    Can we report this channel for using fake news to get more views?

  24. m says

    that insec at 8:42 was absolutely disgusting

  25. eXpas04 says

    Fuck this shitty clickbait video

  26. Edward Wood says

    gtfo with ur fake drama #FakeNews

  27. GrandmaLoves69 says

    Anyone know the song playing at 5:10?

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